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Kinzinger: ‘Real Possibility’ Trump Will Cause 'Civil War' in America

Jan. 6 RINO appears on CNN to warn ‘our basic survival is at stake’

 on 8th February 2022 @ 10.00pm
rep  adam kinzinger  r il  is warning of american  civil war © press
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is warning of American 'civil war'

Alleged Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) has appeared on CNN to warn the "news" network's viewer that there's a "real possibility" President Donald Trump will trigger a "civil war" in America.

Speaking Monday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Kinzinger claimed that Trump and Republicans who downplay the January 6 Capitol riot are increasing the “real possibility” of "civil war."

"We’re in a real dire moment," warned Kinzinger, a member of the Democrats' anti-Trump House Select Committee "investigating" the Jan. 6 riot.

"I think if we don’t wake up and recognize that it is more than just performance art when we lie, when we tell people elections were stolen, this actually goes to the survival of this country and in the form, we know it.

"It is that serious,” Kinzinger insisted.

Host Wolf Blitzer asked Kinzinger: “How dangerous is it for the Republican National Committee to whitewash the events of that day and simply call it ‘legitimate political discourse?'”

adam kinzinger told wolf blitzer  there could be a civil war here in the united states © press
Adam Kinzinger told Wolf Blitzer 'there could be a civil war here in the United States'

Kinzinger replied: “Oh, it is extremely dangerous, and it is not even — it’s if there was a word even more intense than dangerous, I would use that.”

"It is not a far thought, Wolf, to think that someday, some militia shows up somewhere to do something and then some counter-militia, and at that point that is how you end up in a civil war," Kinzinger continued.

"I never would say that we would ever have ended in that position, but I now believe it is a real possibility that we have to be wide-eyed as we walk into so we don’t have that happen again.”

Blitzer said, “Am I hearing you right, Congressman?

"You fear, potentially, there could be a civil war here in the United States?”

"I do," Kinzinger declared.

"And a year ago, I would have said no, not a chance.

"But I’ve come to realize when we don’t see each other as fellow Americans, when we begin to separate into cultural identities, when we begin to basically give up everything that we believe so we could be part of a group, and then when you have leaders that come and abuse that faithfulness of that group to violent ends, as we saw on January 6, we would be naïve to think it is not possible here.”

kinzinger claims trump could trigger a  civil war  in america © press
Kinzinger claims Trump could trigger a 'civil war' in America

"We have to look at this wide-eyed and walk in and say, we may have differences as left and right, but we have to bridge those differences, because our basic survival is at stake, the basic survival of this democracy," Kinzinger added.


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