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CNN’s Brian Stelter Smeared Radar Just Hours before Outlet Broke Zucker Scandal

Host smeared the Radar Online as 'nutty' and not 'swayed by reality' before story broke

 on 4th February 2022 @ 10.00pm
brian stelter has been accused of acting as jeff zucker s  attack dog © press
Brian Stelter has been accused of acting as Jeff Zucker's 'attack dog'

CNN host Brian Stelter published a smear attack against Radar Online just hours before the outlet broke the story exposing his then-boss Jeff Zucker's affair.

The night before Radar broke the story of Zucker’s inappropriate relationship with a subordinate, Stelter smeared the outlet as “nutty” and not “swayed by reality.”

Radar published the news of Zucker's affair on January 4.

The outlet was the first to inform the public of what everyone at CNN and the rest of the corporate media already knew.

Radar revealed that Zucker and high-powered CNN marketing chief Allison Gollust had a "consensual relationship."

The two were reportedly romantically involved for years, during which time, Gollust rapidly moved up the executive ladder at CNN.

jeff zucker and allison gollust were spotted at a billy joel concert in new york city last november © press
Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust were spotted at a Billy Joel concert in New York City last November.

The report came roughly one month before the relationship forced Zucker to depart the struggling network. 

At the time, Radar Online cited "multiple sources," who said the CNN leaders "have been involved in a clandestine romance dating back years."

On Wednesday, after Zucker and Gollust essentially confirmed Radar’s month-old report with statements read on TV by Stelter himself, the publication published a report headlined, "Dirty Work: CNN Targeted Radar Hours After Jeff Zucker & Allison Gollust Were Asked For Comment On Romance."

Radar Online’s Ryan Naumann asked, "Did Jeff Zucker order one of his prized on-air talents to trash Radar?"

He then elaborated on the theory. 

"After learning that this website was poised to publish the exposé about his clandestine and career shattering romance with top lieutenant Allison Gollust, CNN published a story that aimed to discredit Radar’s reporting, it can be revealed for the first time," Radar Online wrote, noting a Jan. 3, 2022, tidbit from Stelter’s newsletter in which he accused the publication of spreading "lies." 

"They post something nutty; they claim to have multiple sources, but they don’t check with the subject at all; and they aren’t swayed by reality," Stelter wrote of Radar Online the day before it reported the news of Zucker’s relationship with Gollust. 

"Ordinary users end up reading, sharing and sometimes believing a lie without realizing the original story was garbage," Stelter added.

"Radar wins page views and loses nothing because it had to credibility to start with. Sad."

He took issue with a Radar report that CNN wouldn't invite Andy Cohen back to co-host its New Year's Eve coverage after his drunken performance.

New York Post reporter Jon Levine also noticed that Stelter attacked Radar Online the day before its report on Zucker’s scandalous relationship. 

"The DAY BEFORE this Radar Story dropped, CNN's Reliable Sources media newsletter published this very lengthy tirade about the publication," Levine wrote. 

Radar Online’s Naumann noted that Stelter has been referring to his now-former boss as a "larger than life figure."

"Questions are now being raised about Stelter’s pointed commentary about Radar just hours after this website contacted CNN, Zucker and Gollust and sought their comment about the impending publication of their conflict of interest," Naumann wrote.

"Radar told Zucker and Gollust it was publishing the next day.

"It was only then that Stelter went on the attack." 

Radar then quoted several anonymous media industry insiders making comments such as, "Perhaps Zucker and Gollust thought they could use this preemptive strike to stop the investigation into their romance… if they did, Zucker has more damage on his hands.

"An investigation needs to be opened into the role he and Gollust might have played in the Stelter attack.

"That would be nothing short of a phenomenal breach of the network’s code of conduct and would force Stelter, along with Gollust, to be forced to quit."

brian stelter published this smear attack against radar online just before they exposed jeff zucker © press
Brian Stelter published this smear attack against Radar Online just before they exposed Jeff Zucker

The suggestion by Radar is the latest example of Stelter appearing to act as more than simply a reporter for the liberal network. 

"I am not a spokesperson for CNN," Stelter famously said during a 2020 appearance on "The View." 

Despite Stelter’s claim, he effectively served in that capacity on Wednesday when he appeared on-air and read statements from Zucker and Gollust.

He later added his own reporting about the internal strife. 

CNN’s media reporter has served as a quasi-spokesperson in the past, too. 

Last August, he was pressed by "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert on CNN’s handling of the Chris Cuomo saga.

Stelter defended the network and Cuomo's conduct during the heated exchange as Colbert pointed out the "odd conflict of rules" at play.

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