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Jesse Watters: Biden Is 'Running a Human Smuggling Operation'

Fox News host slams Democrat White House over secret migrant flights

 on 29th January 2022 @ 1.00pm
jesse watters says joe biden is  running a human smuggling operation © press
Jesse Watters says Joe Biden is 'running a human smuggling operation'

Fox News host Jesse Watters has accused Democrat Joe Biden of "running a human smuggling operation."

Speaking during a segment on his new show, "Jesse Watters Primetime," the anchor blasted Biden for transporting illegal border crossers across America.

"Joe Biden's running a human smuggling operation," Watters said in Friday's opening monologue.

"The cartels hand [migrants] to Biden at the border, and then Biden puts them in busses and planes and then just sprinkles them all over the country."

"It's happening right in front of our own eyes," he added.

"Illegals come in and help big business keep wages down."

jesse watters slammed joe biden during his new show © press
Jesse Watters slammed Joe Biden during his new show

"Just what the donors want," Watters continued.

"Guess they got what they paid for.

"Migrants take cash so you can dodge taxes, too.

"And then they wire the money back south so other families can pay cartel coyotes and boom, another caravan.

"Another batch of Democrat voters."

"Isn't this foreign interference in our elections?" Watters asked.


Cartels' human and drug trafficking operations "are fattening the bank accounts of Mexico's most dangerous syndicates," the Fox News host said.

These operations benefit the Chinese, too, since they ship synthetic substances to Mexican ports, he said, citing a congressional committee report that Chinese brokers launder Mexican drug money using China's financial system.

"Why are we letting this happen?" he asked.

" … Why is Biden betraying us?"

"Biden's soft on China and the cartels while his family makes money there. Americans get hurt, but donors make a profit."

joe biden has been secretly flying illegal border crossers in to cities across america © press
Joe Biden has been secretly flying illegal border crossers in to cities across America

Watters reported that almost 2 million migrants have been detected entering the United States since Biden took office.

"More than half have stayed," he said.

"And hundreds of thousands more we just missed."

"This was by design," he continued, adding that Biden "invited" migrants during his campaign.

While in office, "Biden just deconstructed Trump's border policies because of pride, [a] little vanity and fear, mostly," Watters said.

"Fear that the far-left would revolt against him." 

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