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Leftists Implode in Wake of Matt Walsh Destroying Woke Gender Theory: 'F**k Dr Phil'

Transgender activists take to social media after authors shreds their argument on TV show

 on 21st January 2022 @ 8.00pm
leftists are attacking dr  phil for inviting matt walsh onto his show © press
Leftists are attacking Dr. Phil for inviting Matt Walsh onto his show

Leftists are outraged and are taking to social media to let the world know how offended they are after conservative author Matt Walsh destroyed the radical "woke" theories about gender theory on an episode of Dr. Phil.

Walsh appeared on the TV talk show to join a panel discussion about gender pronouns.

The best-selling author was the only conservative guest on the show and was among several progressive gender activists and "non-binary" characters.

While the other guests pitched their far-left theories about gender identity, Walsh simply used logic, reasoning, and science to make his case, which caused the radical arguments to crumble around him.

In the wake of the show airing on Wednesday, the Left is incensed at Dr. Phil for daring to invite a guest on his show that could debunk their theories with such ease.

While the general outrage was aimed at Walsh, who was smeared as a bigot for stating biological realities and defending women-only spaces, Dr. Phil has become a target for “platforming” Walsh, who holds an opinion shared by most Americans.

the transgender activists could not answer what they think a woman is © press
The transgender activists could not answer what they think a woman is

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Walsh left two transgender activists stumped by asking them a simple question about gender: "What is a woman?"

The two guests, who identify as “non-binary,” claimed that biology shouldn't define gender and that anyone can be free to "identify" as a woman, describing womanhood as an "umbrella term."

However, they were silenced when conservative Walsh responded by simply asking them to define what a woman is.

The guests both admitted that they were unable to define what a woman is without using scientific terms.


"Truly f*** Dr. Phil for this,” one tweet said.

"Why would you invite a nonbinary person onto national television just to be humiliated by an outspoken transphobe?

"Who is this for? Who does this help? Man f*** you.”

“Dr. Phil is always stirring the pot,” read another post.

"This is so disrespectful.

"Why does this man still have a show?

"Instead of letting the actual queer voices speak, he’s doing mental arithmetic to get through his sentence. I am fuming."

“Dear [Dr. Phil],” one Twitter user fumed in a now-deleted post.

Please don’t ever live tweet during RuPaul’s Drag Race & act like an ally again if you are going to have people like Matt Walsh on your show spreading transphobia to the masses.

"Sincerely, The LGBTQ community and their real ally’s [sic].”

“Dr. Phil you’re a scumbag for even giving this guy a platform to spread his bigotry,” another person scolded.

“Your show needs to end if y’all are so desperate for ratings that you’ll stir the pot for drama while knowing it’s wrong.”

“Of course Dr. Phil would invite Matt Walsh onto his show…they are both white males who think they know entirely more than they really do,” theorized one Twitter user.

"Eric 4 Trans Rights” posted in a now-deleted tweet:

"Say what you want about Ellen.

"At least she didn’t invite a bigot to speak on her show like Dr. Phil did.

"Matt Walsh shouldn’t be given a platform to spread his transphobic rhetoric.”

matt walsh joined the panel discussion on gender pronouns on dr  phil © press
Matt Walsh joined the panel discussion on gender pronouns on Dr. Phil

The platform-scolding continued: “Shame on Dr. Phil for giving a platform to bigots like Matt Walsh with little to no pushback.

"Trans people have dealt with enough BS (bulls***).”

Another user complained that Walsh’s questioning of the radical gender theory, which is being pushed in some schools, was unfairly eclipsing activists’ “lived experience.”

“Dr. Phil uses his platform time and again to allow the worst kinds of people, Matt Walsh onto his show to speak over people with actual lived experience on the topic he’s presenting,” he wrote.

“Oprah f***ed us on this one.”

Your periodic reminder that [Matt Walsh] is just a terrible human being who’s narcissistically proud of his bigotry & hatred,” one tweet claimed.

“He is a fascist troll, & screw Dr. Phil for giving him even more of a platform.”

Another commenter said Walsh was a “self-proclaimed fascist,” and again shamed Dr. Phil.

“Dr. Phil bringing Matt Walsh (a literal self proclaimed fascist) on his show and giving him a platform on national television to spew bullshit about non-binary and trans people is one of the worst things Dr. Phil has done in a while,” the tweet read.

"I’ve been correcting your professional history from haters,” a Twitter user blasted.

"Then I see you gave a bigoted idiot like Matt Walsh a platform to devalue & hurt non-binary & transgenders.

"Now I regret using my time on you. No excuse on this one.”

"And f*** [Dr. Phil] for having Matt Walsh on his show and giving him a platform to attack the trans community under the guise of a ‘equal debate,’” one man wrote, falsely adding that Walsh was arguing that some people do not have the “right to exist.”

The issue of “platform scolding” has become commonplace in the media.

About once a week, for example, highly popular podcast host Joe Rogan is attacked for having people of differing viewpoints on his show — or “platforming” them.

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