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Pelosi Implodes over Opposition to Democrats' Voting Agenda

House speaker attacks critics during MLK Day address

 on 18th January 2022 @ 10.00pm
speaker nancy pelosi blasted opposition to the democrats  agenda © press
Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted opposition to the Democrats' agenda

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has slammed Republican opponents of the Democrats' voting agenda and push to change the filibuster.

Speaking Monday during an MLK Day event at Washington’s Union Station, Pelosi attacked GOP and moderate Democratic senators who are standing in the way of the Democrats’ radical voting agenda.

The speaker misleadingly attempted to frame the Democrats' agenda as part of a civil rights movement, rather than a Democratic Party power-grab.

She claims opponents of the legislation and a change to filibuster rules are “dishonoring” the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Pelosi continued by making a bizzare claim that our deceased forefathers and leaders, like MLK and President Abraham Lincoln, will have “tears in their eyes” if the bills are not passed.

"Nothing less is at stake than our Democracy," Pelosi said during her speech.

pelosi claims mlk jr  and president abraham lincoln will have  tears in their eyes  if dems  radical bills are not passed © press
Pelosi claims MLK Jr. and President Abraham Lincoln will have 'tears in their eyes' if Dems' radical bills are not passed

"This is about suppressing the vote, it’s about nullifying the election,” the House speaker alleged.

"It’s about just doing so many things that are obstacles to participation.

"That’s wrong. The truth is, that’s wrong.

"If you really, truly want to honor Dr. King, don’t dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy,” Pelosi continued.

Her remarks were seemingly referring to Senate Democrats Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), who both oppose eliminating the legislative filibuster rules.

"We all want bipartisanship,” Pelosi said.

"We all strive for it [and] we have a responsibility to do so.

"But when we cannot have it, we cannot confine our democracy to what might be bipartisanly possible.”

"So I ask our colleagues in the Senate respectfully for what they think the filibuster means … to weigh the equities against our democracy,” she continued.

"Because nothing less is at stake than our democracy.”

Pelosi’s speech went on to suggest anyone who is somehow standing in the way of the radical voting legislation is making MLK, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson cry.

"[Martin Luther King Jr.,]…Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson  — all of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now, unless the truth is acknowledged and this legislation is passed,” she said.


On Thursday, Sen. Sinema announced she would not support making any changes to the filibuster, all but sinking radical voting bills like “The John Lewis Voting Rights Act” and the “Freedom to Vote Act.”

pelosi misleadingly framed the democrats  voting agenda as a  civil rights  push and not a democratic party power grab © press
Pelosi misleadingly framed the Democrats' voting agenda as a 'civil rights' push and not a Democratic Party power-grab

Under Senate rules, legislation can only pass by a simple majority after debate has ended on a specific bill.

However, in order for a certain bill to be presented for a vote, at least 60 senators need to vote in favor of ending the debate.

This means that in order for the majority party to pass legislation with as much ease as possible, that party must have a “super majority” in the Senate of at least 60 senators.

Under the current makeup of 50-50 Congress, most Democratic proposals require the support of at least 10 GOP senators for any chance of passing.

In effect, eliminating the legislative filibuster rules would enable the Democrats to pass legislation — such as The John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act — with a simple majority vote which the party has.

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