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Jill Biden Claims She's 'Healing' the Nation: ‘We’ve Faced So Much'

First lady says she taken on a 'healing role'

 on 18th January 2022 @ 9.00pm
jill biden claims she s taken the  role  of  healing  the nation © press
Jill Biden claims she's taken the 'role' of 'healing' the nation

Democrat Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden has claimed that she has assumed the "role" of "healing" the nation since her husband was sworn into office.

The first lady made the remarks in an interview to mark the end of her first year in the White House.

She details the tough tasks demanded by her self-defined role of “healing” the nation.

"Dr." Biden claims she's been using her time giving hugs, love, and understanding to those she can reach out to.

She found herself taking on a role of universal caring that “I didn’t kind of expect, which was like a healing role, because we’ve faced so much as a nation,” the community college teacher told the Associated Press.

Her comments echoed those of Joe Biden, who falsely claimed during his inauguration speech that he would bring "unity" and "healing" to America.

jill biden says she no longer has time to  sit in bed and watch the news © press
Jill Biden says she no longer has time to 'sit in bed and watch the news'

Biden was interviewed on January 8 on the sundeck near a swimming pool at a Las Vegas hotel.

She spoke a day after she and Joe Biden comforted families in Louisville, Colorado, where a huge swath of homes burned to the ground in a late December wildfire, according to AP.

Jill Biden, 70, hugged people “as they stood in front of the charred ruins of their lives and later offered public condolences for dogs and other pets killed in the blaze,” the report outlined.

Her visits to Colorado and to see victims of a deadly Christmas parade crash in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and a journey to tornado-ravaged areas of Kentucky are a “prime example” of the responsibility she feels, she said.

It’s what she would want as a regular person who survived a natural disaster or other tragedy, she explained.

"I would want to know that my president and first lady cared about me,” Biden said.

"I think that’s an important part of what I do.

"I mean, just helping people through the tough times.”

For her, the White House “is a magical place.”

When she wakes up, she thinks, “Wow, look where I am.”

But she also feels there’s a lot of work to do in the country and, because of that, she can’t “get my coffee and sit in bed and watch the news.”

"I’ve always said that if I were ever given this platform I would never waste it,” the first lady told AP.

"Not one day.

"That’s why when I wake every day I think, ’What can I do today? … What am I doing? Where am I going? What’s the strategy? What’s the plan?’”

joe biden falsely claimed he would bring  unity  to america during his inauguration speech © press
Joe Biden falsely claimed he would bring 'unity' to America during his inauguration speech

Her plans for 2022 include keeping her focus on education, military families and doing more work promoting cancer research.

She will continue to teach.

"But then I want to layer some other things on,” Jill Biden added, describing her desire to bring art and artists to the White House and her hope that the pandemic will recede enough to allow the White House to reopen to tourists and more socializing.

"It’s going to be an exciting year,” the first lady said.

"It’s got to be a better year with the pandemic.

"I mean everybody, I think everybody across this country is saying, ‘C’mon, it’s got to be a better year.’”

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