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Clinton Strategist: Biden Is Unpopular Because ‘Democrats Whine Too Much’

James Carville slams Democratic Party members in new interview

 on 17th January 2022 @ 11.00pm
james carville says democrats  whine too much  and it s hurting biden © press
James Carville says Democrats 'whine too much' and it's hurting Biden

Former President Bill Clinton's lead strategist James Carville has blamed Democrats who "whine too much" for Joe Biden's sinking popularity.

Carville, one of the most well-known strategists in the Democratic Party, argues that the Left needs to change its messaging if it wants to stop the Republican Party from taking everything from them.

Speaking during an appearance on NBC’s "Meet the Press" on Sunday, Carville said progressives need to stop complaining so much before it sinks the entire party.

“Just quit being a whiny party and get out there and fight and tell people what you did, and tell people the exact truth,” Carville told host Chuck Todd.

The Democratic Party could be in tough shape going into this year’s midterm elections.

Both Biden and Kamala Harris's approval ratings have plummeted since they took office.

james carville blasted democrats during an interview on  meet the press © press
James Carville blasted Democrats during an interview on 'Meet the Press'

But Carville claims that Republicans have no platform right now, “other than, ‘Let's relitigate the 2020 election,’ or, ‘Let's get back at Jamie Raskin’.”

Chuck Todd asked Carville: "You’ve got a situation right now.

"The Biden coalition — nobody’s happy.

"Progressives aren’t happy right now with how Build Back Better has gone.

"African American activists are not happy about how voting rights has gone.

"And if you look at the polling, the – honestly, the thing that’s cratering the most are independents.

"You know, the folks that just wanted the temperature turned down.

"You’re the president. What do you fix first?"

Carville replied: "Well, first of all, I agree with my friend, Jim Clyburn.

"There’s an expression that I love. It’s called 'soldier on,' right?

"And I don’t think we have sufficiently — if you’re a part of the Democratic base and you don’t care about child poverty, and you don’t care about hourly workers, then you’re really not a Democrat, right?

"Now, I think a lot of the Democratic base has not been told or informed of the things that, that that President Biden and this Congress has accomplished.

"But to me, those are the things that, that if I’m a Democratic, I much more care about that than some word in a dictionary — that children are going to bed with a full stomach and a warm, you know, a warm house.

"I care that somebody, an hourly worker, is not sitting there working away at $7.25 an hour."

james carville said progressive democrats  whine too much © press
James Carville said progressive Democrats 'whine too much'

"And I see these signs all over, even in Louisiana and south Mississippi, $700 signing bonus," Carville continued.

"Those are, those are real accomplishments.

"And it’s something that you can run on.

"And again, you don’t talk about what you didn’t get.

"That’s what these — Democrats whine too much, Chuck.

"Just quit being a whiny party.

"And get out there and, and fight, and tell people what you did.

"And tell people the exact truth.

"The Republican Party stands for nothing other than, 'Let’s relitigate the 2020 election,' or, 'Let’s get back at Jamie Raskin.'

"That’s it.

"That’s the entire platform."


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