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Fox News Turns On Donald Trump: ‘Learn to Lose’

Brian Kilmeade accuses former president of making false election fraud claims

 on 11th January 2022 @ 4.00pm
 hillary clinton has to learn that  al gore pretty much did learn that  stacey abrams didn t learn that   kilmeade said © press
'Hillary Clinton has to learn that, Al Gore pretty much did learn that, Stacey Abrams didn't learn that,' Kilmeade said

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade slammed former President Donald Trump, saying he needs to "learn to lose" instead of making claims the 2020 election was rigged in Joe Biden's favor.

Host Howard Kurtz asked Kilmeade during an appearance on Media Buzz if his thoughts on "the heart of the outrage" of media coverage of the one-year anniversary of the January 6 riot being the former president's claims he lost the election because of widespread voter fraud.

Kilmeade responded by saying Trump has failed to prove his claims more than 14 months since the last election.

"In life, you have to learn to lose," Kilmeade said.

"Hillary Clinton has to learn that, Al Gore pretty much did learn that, Stacey Abrams didn't learn that," Kilmeade said.

"If you did, in fact, get screwed out of this election, put together an A-team list of lawyers, not the ones we witnessed, show us the districts and show us how," Kilmeade said.

 in life  you have to learn to lose   fox news host brian kilmeade said © press
'In life, you have to learn to lose,' Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said

Kilmeade went on to say Andrew Jackson had "lost a controversial election despite winning the popular vote" before he cut a "backroom deal" to become secretary of state.

Kilmeade said Jackson became "more powerful after being president" than when he was president.

"In life, we have to learn to lose, Democrats and Republicans," Kilmeade said.

Kurtz asked if Trump was wrong or Anti-Trump to say there was widespread voter fraud in the last election.

 it doesn t help him  but donald trump has defied everybody again   kilmeade said © press
'It doesn't help him, but Donald Trump has defied everybody again,' Kilmeade said

"It isn't," Kilmeade replied.

"It doesn't help him, but Donald Trump has defied everybody again."

"It was the worst day in Republican history," he said.

"They lost two Senate elections and lost the Senate in Georgia, the next day you have the raid on the Capitol."

"That hurt Donald Trump as much as anything since, so they think he was sidelined," he added.

"One year later, he's as powerful as ever despite [not] being on social media, and he's the number one contender to have the nomination next time when he comes back."

Kilmeade was one of several Fox News staff who messaged Trump's ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows on the day of the Capitol riot to persuade Trump to get his supporters to end the riot.

"Please get him on TV. Destroying everything you have accomplished," Kilmeade wrote to Meadows.

The news comes after Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) warned that the anti-Trump House Select Committee "investigation" into Jan. 6 is not a "legitimate inquiry."

As Neon Nettle reported, Rep. Jordan put the partisan Committee on notice with a public statement, in which he denounces the "investigations" as a "political charade."

Jordan issued a formal reply to the Committee calling on him to appear before them for questioning.

He rejected the request and declared it to be “outside the bounds of any legitimate inquiry.”

In June, we also reported that one-third of Americans believed Biden won the election due to widespread voter fraud

The poll, conducted by Monmouth University in June showed that 32 percent of voters believe election fraud was behind Biden's "victory" over President Donald Trump.

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