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NYPD Chief Warns George Soros' New Manhattan DA Is Putting Public in Danger

New York's new Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell issues warning

 on 10th January 2022 @ 9.00pm
keechant sewell warns george soros  manhattan da is putting lives in danger © press
Keechant Sewell warns George Soros' Manhattan DA is putting lives in danger

The head of the New York Police Department (NYPD) has issued a warning that the new Manhattan district attorney, who was put into power by George Soros, is putting the lives of the public in danger.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell is warning that the policies of DA Alvin Bragg raise fears for the safety of New Yorkers and her police officers.

Sewell's warning comes in response to Bragg outlining his "woke" approach to crime in a memo to prosecutors last week.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Bragg, a Democrat, announced that his office will only seek prison time for homicides and a handful of other "extraordinary" cases.

In his “Day One” memo, Bragg instructs prosecutors to stop prosecuting many low-level crimes, reduce charges for certain crimes, and advises against pursuing "a carceral sentence" — unless required by law — for crimes other than homicide, serious violent felony crimes "in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury," domestic violence felonies, certain sex offenses, public corruption cases, and other white-collar crime.

The policies have been slammed as "insane" and the "wholesale usurpation of the criminal code."

da alvin bragg has vowed to be more lenient on crime © press
DA Alvin Bragg has vowed to be more lenient on crime

The new NYPD chief, the first woman to hold the position, sent a memo to NYPD officers late Friday night explaining her concerns with Bragg's vision.

"As you all have likely heard by now, this week, the Manhattan District Attorney made public new policies about what charges the office would decline to prosecute and or downgrade," she said, WNBC-TV reported.

"I have studied these policies and I am very concerned about the implications to your safety as police officers, the safety of the public, and justice for the victims.

"I believe in criminal justice reform," Sewell explained.

"I believe in reform that makes sense when applied collaboratively.

"In that same vein, I am concerned about sweeping edicts that seem to remove discretion, not just from police officers, but also from Assistant District Attorneys regarding what crimes to prosecute and how to charge them."

Regarding Bragg's plan to stop charging cases of resisting arrest and obstruction, Sewell questioned how police officers can safely do their jobs "if individuals are allowed to interfere with impunity."

"If a person can get away with violating the law, not complying with a police officer’s direction, and physically resisting the officer’s attempts to arrest them, what message are we sending?

"Interactions between officers and the public will needlessly escalate because the incentive to cooperate (i.e. accountability) is entirely eliminated from the equation," she said.

Sewell also warned that Manhattan will have "more open-air drug markets and drug use" because of Bragg's lenient plan for drug offenses.

Bragg released a statement that said dialogue between his office and the NYPD is already ongoing but did not say anything more.

"We share Commissioner Sewell's call for frank and productive discussions to reach common ground on our shared mission to deliver safety and justice for all and look forward to the opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings," the statement said.

"This conversation, that has already started, is best done directly and not through the media."

george soros controls a national network of far left district attorneys © press
George Soros controls a national network of far-left district attorneys

Bragg was elected in November 2021 with indirect backing from left-wing billionaire George Soros, who gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which spent to elect Bragg.

“Soros also donated $1 million to Alvin Bragg’s successful DA campaign in Manhattan, funneling the cash through the Color of Change political action committee, according to public filings,” the New York Post reported.

Soros has spent millions in recent local prosecutorial elections, often backing left-wing radicals against incumbent or moderate Democrats.

His involvement has coincided with a massive rise in violent crimes in Democrat-run cities.

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