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Lady Gaga Tried to Investigate Jan. 6: ‘I Looked for Evidence and Truth’

Pop star discusses her experience in resurfaced interview

 on 8th January 2022 @ 2.00pm
gaga visited this site before performing at biden   s inauguration on january 20 © press
Gaga visited this site before performing at Biden’s inauguration on January 20

Popstar Lady Gaga said she sought “evidence of the truth” following the events of the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to a newly resurfaced interview.

Protesters descended on the building in Washington D.C. as the results of the 2020 election were certified for Joe Biden.

The singer visited this site before performing at Biden’s inauguration on January 20, taking the opportunity to investigate on her own.

Gaga, 35, discussed her experience at the Capitol during an interview with Bernice King on the web series Beloved Community Talks —The Power of Unlearning.

The star said she “saw the white rage” as she looked at a broken window. 

The star also called to impeach Trump in an effort to “disqualify him from future election" days after the event occurred.

 i looked for evidence of the truth  because we see these things on screens   gaga said © press
'I looked for evidence of the truth, because we see these things on screens,' Gaga said

The interview, which aired last year in June, resurfaced on the riot’s one-year anniversary this week.

Gaga told King:

“The day before [the inauguration], I went to see where I was going to be standing, and I walked in with a bulletproof vest on, because we were nervous about being in the Capitol."

“Somebody said to me, ‘Would you like to see the Capitol today?’

"I said no because I wanted to get in and get out.”


“And then I went in and saw where I was going to stand and, sing and I was finished with the walkthrough of the show, which was a beautiful day," she continued.

“But as I was leaving, I stopped myself, and I said, ‘Why did you say no, that you don’t want to see the Capitol today?’”

“And it was because I didn’t want to see the place where the insurrection had taken place.

"I went back to that woman that asked me and I said, ‘My apologies, I’d like to see the Capitol.’”

“I walked through the Capitol like a detective,” she said.

“I looked for evidence of the truth because we see these things on screens.

"We witness these things on the news. But to be there in person, I was afraid.”

Gaga went on:

“I knew in that moment I was avoiding this issue, and I stopped myself and I said, ‘Don’t avoid it, go look at it and go be with it.’"

“And guess what I did? I just walked through and I searched until I found...

"They told me, ‘You won’t find much, we’ve cleaned up most of it.’

"But I found a window that had blunt force, that was cracked.

"And I went to that window and I stared at it and I saw the white rage.

"And I stared at it and I reflected and I thought about what I was about to do the next day.”

“I thought about what a gift this unlearning was also to myself that I would take that moment to go there and see it for myself because that day to me was not about Donald Trump.”

“That day to me was about white supremacy and it was a day that we could all take our hands and point right at it, where it was crystal clear.”

Gaga also revealed the Schiaparelli gown she wore to Biden’s inauguration was bulletproof.

She said her performance at the inauguration was “one of the proudest days of my whole life."

“Like many people in America, I felt a deep fear when Trump was president, and ushering 45 out and 46 in is something I’ll be able to tell my children all about.”

"Singing in a Schiaparelli bulletproof dress.

"I don’t know if people know this about me, but if I weren’t who I am today, I would have been a combat journalist.”

"That was one of my dreams.

"When I was at the Capitol, the day before the inauguration, I remember walking around and looking for evidence of the insurrection.”

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