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MSNBC to Fire Joy Reid as 'Past' Scandals Emerge, Report Shows

The 'decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move'

 on 7th January 2022 @ 11.00pm
far left host joy reid is reportedly being fired by msnbc © press
Far-left host Joy Reid is reportedly being fired by MSNBC

Joy Reid has reportedly lost her divisive show on MSNBC as the network is planning to fire the far-left host amid emerging scandals, according to reports.

News of the firing was revealed by Washington Examiner editor Jon Nicosia, who got the scoop from an insider at Comcast, MSNBC's parent company.

Nicosia reported that the anonymous Comcast source told him Reid’s fate has already been sealed.

According to Nicosia, MSNBC is now preparing how it will handle the public "messaging" on the firing.

"Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC,” the source said, according to Nicosia.

"She does not have a show come mid Spring,” and the “decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings.”

the news was revealed by washington examiner editor jon nicosia © press
The news was revealed by Washington Examiner editor Jon Nicosia

Nicosia also revealed that Reid's firing is partly related to scandals involving "past incidents," that reportedly lost the host her "allies" at the network.

He likened her case to that of Chris Cuomo, who was fired from CNN in disgrace last year.

"As was the case with Chris Cuomo at CNN, Reid has allies at Comcast, however, she is now viewed as ‘unmanageable’ by many,” Nicosia continued. 

"Also, similar to Cuomo, it appears those allies have found out she has been ‘less than truthful about past incidents.’"

He added that, like Cuomo, he expected “MSNBC/Comcast to defend her right until the announcement.”

Reid's possible exit wasn't seen as bad news on social media, however, as many celebrated the news.

Twitter erupted in exultation at the unconfirmed firing report.

jon nicosia likened reid s case to that of chris cuomo  who was fired from cnn in disgrace last year © press
Jon Nicosia likened Reid's case to that of Chris Cuomo, who was fired from CNN in disgrace last year

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeted, “First chris cuomo, now joy reid….if i lose don lemon, i may have to report on actual stories!!”

Syndicated radio talk show host Clay Travis said, “News breaking that Joy Reid is being fired by MSNBC on January 6th would actually make this a date worth memorializing.”

SiriusXM radio host and Washington Times columnist Tim Young reacted, “Joy Reid losing her show on January 6 is just… **chef’s kiss**.”

He added, “All 6 of Joy Reid’s viewers are hurting tonight… thoughts and prayers.”

Former MSNBC primetime host Keith Olbermann painted a picture of a network in chaos.

“Five night time shows, one host retiring, one gone, one going?” he tweeted.

Brian Williams left “The 11th Hour” last month; top-rated host Rachel Maddow will wind down her top-rated MSNBC show this spring in favor of a lighter schedule of shows that will air 30 times a year.

Some were confused by the ouster.

“If we’re being honest mediocre Chris Hayes should have been fired before Joy Reid,” wrote one user.

"She will scream racism pretty soon,” predicted one Twitter user.

"Joy Reid is retiring to spend more time with her gay friends and track down the person who hacked her account,” wrote Davar Echad, poking fun at Reid’s less-than-forthcoming comments about old posts on her blog critical of same-sex marriage.

“‘We’re going to miss Joy Reid,’ said no one ever,” summarized one individual.

Nicosia’s report, which remains unconfirmed, follows a similar report he made late last year.

“There is serious talk all the way up the chain at Comcast about Joy Reid’s future at MSNBC,” he wrote in November.

“Audio coming Monday,” he wrote on November 24.

Yet he does not appear to have posted any such audio on his Twitter feed.

Nonetheless, ratings would be a plausible reason to cancel Joy Reid’s latest eponymous show, which debuted in the number one ratings spot on July 20, 2020.

“The ReidOut” ranked 16th highest among all cable news shows last year and averaged 1.44 million viewers, but Reid has shed 56% of her audience since last January.

Reid’s 7 pm show, just outside prime time, is consistently beaten in the ratings by Ari Melber’s 6 pm show and Nicolle Wallace’s “Deadline: White House,” which airs at 4 pm, while many would-be viewers are at work.

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