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Texas Restaurant Sign Insults Pelosi, Owners Slam 'Cancel Culture,' Left Implodes

'No mask needed unless you're Nancy Pelosi - Let's Go Brandon'

 on 7th January 2022 @ 9.00pm
the texas restaurant has a sign saying  no mask needed unless u look like nancy pelosi © press
The Texas restaurant has a sign saying 'No mask needed unless u look like Nancy Pelosi'

A Texas restaurant has caused leftists to implode after it placed a huge sign outside that insults Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and mocks Joe Biden.

The popular Houston restaurant — Preslee's Southern Good Eatery — has been facing backlash from the Left over the signs that target the top Democrat leaders.

However, the owners say they aren't backing down to "cancel culture renegades" because Preslee's serves its customers and not the mob, Fox Business reported.

"We are heading into crawfish season and then peak patio weather and won’t be slowed down from the cancel culture renegades," Preslee's co-owner said Wednesday.

"It's about pro-freedom and our right to run our small business."

The owner, who requested anonymity, told Fox News that Preslee's marquee has been used for a long time to quote memes and jokes.

preslee s marquee sign has been getting mixed attention © press
Preslee's marquee sign has been getting mixed attention

But a couple of recent messages really got under leftists' skins.

One said, "No mask needed unless u look like Nancy Pelosi."

Another similar sign stated, "No mask needed unless you're Nancy Pelosi" — along with a tag that said, "Let's Go Brandon."

Alison Cook — the Twitter user who posted the first image — is a Houston Chronicle restaurant critic.

She apparently didn't appreciate the joke and attacked Preslee's with her accompanying text: "Why yes, I’d like a side of misogyny and Covid protocol defiance with my chicken-fried steak." 

In a follow-up tweet, Cook added, "Also, could we fold in some ageism with that? Perfect!"

Another weak-minded Twitter user shared another image, with the caption, "Don’t forget to add in a side of”Let’s Go Branden” (sic) to really round it all out."

Fox News, citing the restaurant's owner, said Preslee's was attacked on social media and with voicemails from callers saying they "hope their business loses all their employees" and goes bankrupt.

"The backlash we received at first was a little overwhelming while dealing with a busy restaurant," the owner added to the cable network.

"Lots of voicemails and private messages."

But the owner told Fox News that most of the negativity has been coming from those who've never dined at Preslee’s "but feel the need to jump on the bandwagon."

What's more, the owner told the cable network that Preslee's Instagram page was banned Wednesday without explanation.

Fox Digital said it reached out to Instagram on the matter; the page appeared active Thursday afternoon.

On the positive side, the owner told the cable network that Preslee's has received "overwhelming support" in the local community and also from "other cities" over the past few days.

"We have never been busier!" he said in a comment addressing those who "slandered" the establishment, Fox News said.

In addition, commenters on a Preslee's Facebook post that went up Thursday — which has nothing to do with the story of the signs — are showering the restaurant with praise for its stance and are asking how gift certificates can be purchased.

the sign also included the viral  let s go brandon  meme to mock joe biden © press
The sign also included the viral 'Let's Go Brandon' meme to mock Joe Biden

Preslee’s opened in 2019 and survived COVID-19, despite shutdowns, without laying "a single employee off," the cable network said, citing the owner.

"I think it's pretty safe to say our current government has failed us and other small business owners," he said, according to Fox News.

"More than 150,000 small businesses have shut down from mandates, but this is not about politics.

"It's about basic rights that some have seem to have forgotten.

"If we can make it through a pandemic and actually thrive we can surely handle this.

"We’ll have more material posted soon, so stay tuned," he added.

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