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Biden Accused of Using Covid Funds to Pay for Secret Illegal Alien Flights into USA

Lawmakers accuse Democrat administration of misusing taxpayer-funded money

 on 6th January 2022 @ 8.00pm
joe biden is accused of using money allocated for covid to fund illegal alien flights © press
Joe Biden is accused of using money allocated for Covid to fund illegal alien flights

Democrat Joe Biden has been accused of misusing taxpayer money by spending Covid funds on secret flights to transport illegal border crossers into the United States interior.

The tax dollars, allocated to help Americans struggling through the pandemic, are being diverted to cover the huge cost of flying thousands of illegal aliens into America, a Republican congressman says.

Over the last few weeks, Biden has been accused of using Pennsylvania as a transportation spot for border crossers and illegal aliens.

Illegal border crossers are being transported through the state via flights that are charted in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), accordng to reports.

Several lawmakers have called for investigations into the secret flights and their funding.

Earlier this week, former Rep. Lou Barletta (R) accused Biden of flying illegal border crossers to eastern communities in the state.

biden has been secretly flying illegal border crossers into cities across america © press
Biden has been secretly flying illegal border crossers into cities across America

Barletta, who is now running for governor in Pennsylvania, said:

First, we had to discover for ourselves that illegal immigrants were being shipped into northeast Pennsylvania on at least four flights.

But then when people demanded information, the flights were shifted to the Lehigh Valley and they just hoped no one would notice.

This week, in statements to the media, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) seemingly confirmed Biden’s secret migrant flights to Pennsylvania.

However, the governor excused them as merely a stopping point for the passengers’ final destination, which remains unknown.

A spokesperson for Wolf told Fox News:

Had any of the elected officials sending letters/statements asked, they would have received the same information that we have from HHS; over recent weeks, unaccompanied children passed through the Wilkes-Barre airport en route to their final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor.

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA), who sent a letter to the Biden administration requesting information on the secret migrant flights, told Fox Business Channel Biden was actually siphoning funds allocated for coronavirus testing and using it to fly border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S.

“The idea that they would do this, attempt to do it secretly, clandestinely in the middle of the night,” Meuser said.

"There were two flights that came in on Christmas night, in the evening, at nine o’clock at night."

Meuser continued:

I went down to the airport the next day to see what was going on and there were many eyewitnesses that divulged everything to me. And that’s the only way that we really found out — through leaks. And I’ll tell you something else: the American people need to know what HHS did: They diverted billions of dollars of funding that was dedicated for tests, covid tests … to bring in unaccompanied minors, illegal minors into the U.S. [Emphasis added]

This woke agenda of the president’s is at the expense of the American people and it’s happening every day. [Emphasis added]

Because the border is so overwhelmed, they’re now being put on these planes, sent to different parts of the country — particularly Allentown and Wilkes-Barre Scranton in these cases, over 2,000 in the last few weeks — and buses are showing up and carting them off to locations that are unknown and HHS won’t tell us, won’t tell us where they’re going. We understand they’re going into the New York metro area but that’s just anecdotal. [Emphasis added]

The Biden administration has helped entice nearly two million border crossers and illegal aliens to arrive at the southern border in 2021.

In addition, his administration estimates that about half a million illegal aliens successfully crossed into the U.S., undetected by Border Patrol.

covid funds are allegedly being diverted away from americans to pay for the illegal alien flights © press
Covid funds are allegedly being diverted away from Americans to pay for the illegal alien flights

Meanwhile, as of late October, Biden has released more than 530,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior.

This total includes the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) who have been dispersed to states like Pennsylvania.

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