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MSNBC Panics over Midterms: ‘The Apocalypse Is Before Us’

Network's talking heads liken expected Republican victories to end of the world

 on 29th December 2021 @ 10.00pm
msnbc s michael eric dyson warned  the apocalypse is before us © press
MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson warned 'the apocalypse is before us'

MSNBC is panicking about the looming 2022 midterms elections, with the far-left network's talking heads likening the expected Republican victories to "the apocalypse."

Speaking Monday, Michael Eric Dyson, a frequent MSNBC and CNN commentator, warned that parents’ opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) reveals that “the integral part of an American educational system is to attack the intelligence of black kids.”

Parental pushback from parents against Democrat-supported CRT has helped Republican candidates soar to victory in recent elections.

Dyson said that the likelihood of similar future losses for Democrats means that "the apocalypse is before us."

While guest-hosting “The ReidOut” on MSNBC, Tiffany Cross elicited the comments.

“We’ve seen countless warnings that democracy is in danger,” she said.

msnbc s tiffany cross elicited the comments while guest hosting  the reidout © press
MSNBC's Tiffany Cross elicited the comments while guest-hosting 'The ReidOut'

Cross continued by warning that Republicans would replicate the successful strategy of campaigning against CRT.

“This is a prelude to the kiss-off of American democracy,” said Dyson.

“The apocalypse is before us. We speak in these apocalyptic terms; people call us exaggerators. ‘Oh my God, why don’t you stop over-responding?’”

Complaints that the filibuster and the election of Republicans like Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin pose existential threats to freedom are rejected by “people who are not used to being shat upon,” said Dyson, an ordained minister.

Cross also asked Dyson, a professor of African-American studies at Vanderbilt University, to explain the controversial, Marxism-rooted ideology of Critical Race Theory to her “non-melanated brothers and sisters” who oppose it.

“The truth is, they’re more down with O.P.P. than they are with CRT,” Dyson said.

"They don’t even know what it is.

"They can’t even define it.

"They can’t even speak about it — Other People’s Politics, in this case."

His statement is a familiar one.

HBO’s Bill Maher dismantled the same argument from Dyson last month after Dyson attacked “parents who were spooked by Critical Race Theory, none of whom can define it; when you ask them what it is, they don’t know.”

“I find that a disingenuous argument because I don’t think that is what people are objecting to,” Maher responded.

“They are not objecting to black history being taught.

"There are other things going on in the schools.”

“Like what?” Dyson sneered.

“Like separating children by race and describing them as either oppressed or oppressor,” Maher answered.

"I mean, there are children coming home who feel traumatized by this.

"That‘s what parents are objecting to."

“Ain’t nobody teaching Critical Race Theory in kindergarten, or fifth grade or sixth grade,” Dyson claimed on Monday, arguing that “it is a law school theory.”

But public schools are teaching young children “to be skeptical about the default position of whiteness in American education,” he said.

White students “are hungry” for CRT, he claimed.

CRT is resisted by “people who are not used to seeing black people be the indices, the index, the measure of who are as a nation,” Dyson said.

“We know that the integral part of an American educational system is to attack the intelligence of black kids,” Dyson asserted, adding that the racist structures of America mean black students face “getting kicked out of school at 4” years old and “being overpoliced by overzealous guardians of our safety.”

While Dyson has spent years accusing “vicious police forces of America” of having “victimized” the black community, a Gallup poll released at the height of the Black Lives Matter riots found that 81% of black Americans wanted policing to remain at the same or higher levels in their communities.

After a national grassroots backlash against CRT-themed public school curricula swept the country, CNN and MSNBC claimed the public schools do not teach Critical Race Theory.

CNN took the unusual tactic of having a woman who teaches CRT in Philadelphia’s public schools tell its viewers, “Critical Race Theory is not being taught in schools.”

In reality, public school districts have filtered CRT principles of “privilege,” “oppression,” “whiteness,” and “institutional racism” into the curriculum for students and teachers alike.

The Loudoun County Public School system handed out a graphic saying that Christians, white people, and people who speak English as their primary language are privileged, while non-Christians, immigrants, and gender non-conforming people experience “oppression” in American society.

The Lower Manhattan Community Middle School announced in November it would separate seventh and eighth graders by race for two days of instruction.

Columbia University linguistics professor John McWhorter called denying that schools teach principles derived from CRT “a debate team stunt, not serious engagement with a dynamic and distressing reality.”

Dyson had made a career out of making incendiary remarks on national television.

He said that Virginia Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears, a black woman, was little more than a puppet for white nationalists.

Republicans “want white supremacy by ventriloquist effect.

"There is a black mouth moving, but a white idea through the, running on the runway of the tongue … to have a black face speaking in behalf of a white supremacist legacy.”

parents  opposition to democrat supported crt has helped republicans soar to victory © press
Parents' opposition to Democrat-supported CRT has helped Republicans soar to victory

Sears challenged Joy Reid to have her on the low-rated 7 p.m. show, but Reid has ignored the challenge while inviting Dyson back on the show numerous times since he made his caustic remarks.

Republicans are widely expected to retake Congress and perform well nationally during the 2022 midterm elections.

The predicted success is due in large part to Joe Biden’s low poll ratings, driven down by decades-high inflation rates, soaring COVID-19 infections, and rising homicide and overdose deaths.

“Pretty much every single indicator that pointed to a Democratic wave in the 2018 midterms now points to a Republican one in the 2022 midterms,” wrote CNN’s Harry Entin earlier this month.

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