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Halyna Hutchins’ Father Drops the Hammer on Alec Baldwin: He's 'Partly Responsible'

Devastated dad Anatoly Androsovych speaks out against Hollywood star

 on 28th December 2021 @ 9.00pm
halyna hutchins    dad says alec baldwin is  partly responsible  for her death © press
Halyna Hutchins’ dad says Alec Baldwin is 'partly responsible' for her death

The father of late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins has warned Alec Baldwin that the Hollywood star is "partly responsible" for his daughter's death.

Devastated dad Anatoly Androsovych is speaking out and calling on actor Baldwin to accept the role he played in his daughter’s death.

He also called out Baldwin’s actions following the incident.

Speaking during an interview with The Sun, Androsovych said that Baldwin is at least “partly responsible” for Hutchins’ death.

The father also slammed Baldwin for stating that he is not responsible for the shooting while claiming he never pulled the trigger of the gun the actor used on the set of “Rust.”

He also questioned why Baldwin and his wife deleted their Twitter accounts as the investigation moves forward.

alec baldwin claimed in a recent interview that he is not responsible for the shooting © press
Alec Baldwin claimed in a recent interview that he is not responsible for the shooting

"Why did he fire the shot during the preparations?” Androsovych told The Sun.

"The revolver is the type of gun which doesn’t shoot before the trigger is pressed and Alec is partially guilty for causing that shot.”

Notably, Baldwin claimed during a friendly sit-down interview with ABC News that he never pulled the trigger, and the gun just went off anyway.

"I cock the gun. I go, ‘Can you see that? Can you see that? Can you see that?” Baldwin claimed during the interview.

"And then I let go of the hammer of the gun, and the gun goes off.”

"No, no, no, no, no,” he recalled. 

"I would never point a gun at anyone and pull a trigger at them.”

Androsovych, a former submarine captain, said it doesn’t make sense that the gun went off “without pulling the trigger.”

"It’s clear to me Baldwin fired the shot from his hand so it’s hard for me to understand how he cannot be held partly responsible for my daughter’s death,” he asserted.

Androsovych also hit Baldwin for clearing his Twitter account, which included tweets the actor posted about the fatal shooting.

"I can’t understand the behavior of Alec,” Hutchins’ father said.

"Why did he sweep out his tweets when it became clear the shooting was on rehearsal?”

meanwhile  alec baldwin is enjoying a lavish christmas in the hamptons with his family © press
Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin is enjoying a lavish Christmas in the Hamptons with his family

Androsovych told The Sun that his grandson, Hutchins’ nine-year-old son Andros, might not “ever fully recover” from the tragedy of losing his mother.

"Andros is slowly getting back to life, but this is a huge blow for all of us,” he said.

Earlier this month, a search warrant for Baldwin’s cellphone was issued by authorities in New Mexico in connection to the actor killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza in the reportedly accidental gun incident in October on the set of “Rust.”

Detective Alexandra Hancock in an affidavit said Baldwin’s attorney directed her to acquire a warrant when she asked for Baldwin’s phone.

Baldwin has downplayed the likelihood that he’ll be charged in the fatal incident, citing people in the know.

"No charges have been filed, though none have been ruled out, either,” ABC noted.

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