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Joe Rogan Slams 'Nervous' Pelosi for Defending Lawmakers' Trading Stock

House speaker shredded by popular podcast host after defending shady trades

 on 27th December 2021 @ 9.00pm
rogan ripped nancy pelosi after she defended lawmakers who trade stocks © press
Rogan ripped Nancy Pelosi after she defended lawmakers who trade stocks

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan has shredded Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) after she defended lawmakers who make huge personal financial gains from trading stocks.

Rogan blasted the speaker for appearing "nervous" when she defended her fellow Congress members during a recent press conference.

He was referencing a back-and-forth Pelosi had with a reporter who asked the speaker about the controversial trades.

"Madam Speaker, Insider just completed a five‑month investigation finding that 49 Members of Congress and 182 senior Congressional staffers have violated the STOCK Act, the insider trading law," the reporter asked Pelosi.

"I’m wondering if you have any reaction to that.

"And secondly, should Members of Congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in Congress?"

pelosi nervously defended members of congress who  have violated the stock act  the insider trading law © press
Pelosi nervously defended members of Congress who 'have violated the STOCK Act, the insider trading law'

"No, I don’t – no, to the second one," Pelosi nervously replied.

"Any – we have a responsibility to report in the stock – on the stock.

"But I don’t – I’m not familiar with that five-month review, but if the people aren’t reporting, they should be.

"Why shouldn’t they be banned?" the reporter asked.

"Because this is a free market and people – we are a free market economy," Pelosi said.

"They should be able to participate in that."

Rogan blasted politicians for using the system to get rich after they leave office.

"They make their money when they get out,” Rogan said.

"What it is is [it’s] like an investment, if you get out you will have money for speaking engagements with all the companies that you helped, all the companies that you like, ‘Hey, I like you. I like you. Let’s hang out, let’s party.’

"They’re like, ‘Hey, Mike. Mike the former president, we’d love to have you come speak at our conference, and we’re willing to pay you a half a million dollars.’

"So this [it’s] like weird bribes.”

joe rogan slammed politicians using the system to get rich © press
Joe Rogan slammed politicians using the system to get rich

Rogan had one of his producers play the clip of Pelosi commenting on members of Congress trading stock, to which Rogan responded, “Have you ever seen a person look more nervous?”

"She’s giving this like very simplistic, almost vague answer,” he continued.

"Because should you be allowed to participate in the stock market when you’re influencing the direction of the stock or when you know which direction something’s going to go in?

"Or when you’re going to pass a law that’s going to benefit these businesses, that’s going to force the stock to go up, and you know that, so you invest a sh*t ton of money before it happens?

"That seems like a problem.

'That seems like it’s a problem.

"Now why is that not a problem?

"Because we’re f***ing co-opted.”


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