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Liberals Declare MSNBC Host 'a TRAITOR to America' for Contradicting Biden

Veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell targeted by the Left for questioning supply chain issues

 on 23rd December 2021 @ 9.00pm
liberal have branded msnbc s andrea mitchell  a traitor  for questioning joe biden © press
Liberal have branded MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell 'a traitor' for questioning Joe Biden

A veteran MSNBC host has been met with a severe backlash from the Left after she questioned Democrat Joe Biden's handling of the supply chain crisis on air.

Liberals went straight for the jugular and declared Andrea Mitchell "a TRAITOR to America" over the comments that contradicted Biden.

Mitchell faced the fury of online liberals when she raised questions about the economic narrative being pushed by the White House in the days leading up to Christmas.

On Wednesday, Mitchell was trending nationally on Twitter for her comments.

During her show, Mitchell pointed out that Biden was prematurely declaring victory against the supply chain crisis.

"The president is saying that mission accomplished practically!" she said, referring to an embarrassing incident during former President George W. Bush's term in office.

andrea mitchell made the comments during her msnbc show © press
Andrea Mitchell made the comments during her MSNBC show

"He says that the shelves are 90% full, that is certainly anecdotal and probably spotty, and it's also, you know, larger manufactured goods that are harder to get, construction elements," she explained.

"I can tell you about home repairs, but that's another story.

"So there's still a supply chain problem, but perhaps Christmas shopping is a little bit easier than somebody feared." 


Many on the left took to social media to defend Biden and scold Mitchell for questioning his claims.

Some were incensed that the chyron read, "empty shelves" as her guests discussed the various supply chain issues in the nation.

"Just Saying: Andrea Mitchell Reports is like an hour of Biden bashing. Damn people stop tuning this b*tch in she is a TRAITOR to America," said one popular tweet with over 2000 likes. 

"Stop watching Andrea Mitchell. Stop talking about Andrea Mitchell. Her ratings will plummet. Her social media presence will disappear, problem solved," read another tweet.

"Way to go Andrea Mitchell calling Biden a liar. Oh, his claims are fictitious. I'm sure Trump will be quoting you soon," said another critic.

"What a misleading headline. MSM will not give him a break," read another tweet.

mitchell questioned joe biden s claims that store  shelves are 90  full © press
Mitchell questioned Joe Biden's claims that store 'shelves are 90% full'

Biden's defenders have often taken to social media in order to try to beat down journalists who dare to report anything that might damage the reputation of the Democrat ahead of the midterm elections.

In November many excoriated CNN for a report documenting how inflation was hurting working families.

Inflation has only worsened since that report.

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