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San Francisco Residents Leaving Cars Open to Prevent Smash-and-Grab Damage

Democrat-run cities across America suffering blue city crime wave

 on 17th December 2021 @ 12.00am
residents in liberal san francisco are leaving their car trunks open to prevent  smash and grabs  © press
Residents in liberal San Francisco are leaving their car trunks open to prevent 'smash-and-grabs'

Residents in Democrat-controlled San Francisco are now forced to park their cars with the trunk wide open in the hope it will stop criminals damaging their vehicles during "smash-and-grab" robberies.

Democrat-run cities across America are suffering an epidemic of rising crime.

In the robbery-infested areas of San Francisco and Oakland, California, crime is now so bad that some residents are leaving their cars wide open so robbers won’t shatter the windows.

Some even put signs in the windows begging their thieves not to damage their cars.

“We see the aftermath of car break-ins all too often,” ABC 7 reported.

"Windows smashed, glass shattered, but now some people are getting so fed-up they’re leaving their trunks open, hoping that will at least spare them the hefty bill to get it fixed."

 smash and grab  robberies are on the rise in democrat run cities © press
'Smash-and-grab' robberies are on the rise in Democrat-run cities

People have even posted signs on their cars begging, “Please use the door,” or “Please Do Not Break Glass!! Nothing Inside!!”

One witness, seeing a trunk left wide open, posted on social media, “Imagine having to clean out your car and leaving it open in public just to people won’t break your windows. Oakland we looking sad man.”

Oakland’s Deputy Interim Police Chief Drennon Lindsey apprised that people were leaving their trunks open, admitting, “It doesn’t really surprise me.”

Former Deputy San Francisco Deputy Police Chief Garret Tom, who spent nearly 40 years on the police force, said he had never seen anything like it.

Tom commented that leaving trunks open was an “invitation” for “disaster.” 

"They could steal your batteries or go into your glove compartment, find out where you live… if they leave their trunk open, some cars, depending on what kind of car you have, you still can get inside to the interior.”

The SFPD has reported that 2021 has seen a 32% increase in car break-ins and a 25% increase in auto burglaries compared to 2020.

In Oakland, 2021 has seen a 27% increase in both categories over 2020.

Just last week, a family with young children visiting the city of San Francisco reported having their rental car broken into and several valuable items stolen in the latest instance of “smash-and-grab” style robberies throughout the state of California.

According to local news station KRON 4, Kimberly Balde, her sister, Katherine, and her two young children, were in the car when the robbery occurred.

san francisco residents are leaving their trunks open with signs begging thieves not to break the glass © press
San Francisco residents are leaving their trunks open with signs begging thieves not to break the glass

They had stopped their car on Lombard Street when a thief smashed the back window and stole her bag, her computer, her sister’s passport, the children’s birth certificates, and other valuables.

"In the month of November, city data shows there were 3,375 reports of larceny-theft in San Francisco – the overwhelming majority of those were car break-ins,” CBS San Francisco added.

"SFPD’s Central District, home to tourist hot spots including Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown, sees the highest number of smash-and-grabs."

In Mid-November, NBC Bay Area titled a piece, “SF Suffers Highest Rate of Car Break-Ins Compared to Atlanta, DC, Dallas, LA.”

The subheading reads: “The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit rode along with undercover police officers, interviewed top law enforcement officials, and obtained and analyzed court and police records to find out why car burglaries remain one of the most prolific crimes in San Francisco.”

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