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Kamala Harris Caught Taking Credit for Key Trump Accomplishment

Democrat caught on video pushing phony claims

 on 15th December 2021 @ 11.00pm
kamala harris is trying to take credit for a major accomplishment by president trump © press
Kamala Harris is trying to take credit for a major accomplishment by President Trump

Democrat Kamala Harris has been caught trying to take credit for one of President Donald Trump's major accomplishments.

Harris generally has little good to say about the Trump administration.

However, when it comes to taking credit for a Trump accomplishment — the kind of accomplishment Democrats like — it’s apparently a very different story.

On Tuesday, joined Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen at a Treasury Department event to announce an $8.7 billion program for loans to small and minority-owned businesses.

Harris attempted to place the program as part of a broader context of the Biden admin helping Americans on Main Street.

During the process, Harris took credit for The Paycheck Protection Program - one of the best-known efforts of the Trump admin to help American businesses get through the pandemic.

harris tried to take credit for one of trump s key accomplishments © press
Harris tried to take credit for one of Trump's key accomplishments

"What we did at the beginning with the American Rescue Plan, in addition to the Child Tax Credit, was about recognizing that part of the economic lifeblood of all communities are small businesses," Harris said.

"That they are not only part of the economic lifeblood, if you connect a thriving economy with a thriving community, and understand that our Small business leaders are also civic leaders.

"They are also community leaders.

"And what we did with the PPP program [emphasis added], and also what we did to recognize how previous outreaches, particularly to minority and women-owned businesses, have not worked, and so let’s do a better job of engaging them, and the long-term goal there was that through what we did to better engage in a rescue approach would be what we would do to engage in terms of a continuing investment approach.”


It took Harris a while to build up to the landing there.

Here’s the full video of the statement:

As noted by Western Journal, it’s at least a little jarring to hear a Democrat like Kamala Harris having the gall to praise American small businesses.

After all, it was small businesses, many minority-owned, after all, that bore the brunt of the 2020 rioting by Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs.

Harris was a very public fundraiser to collect money to bail those rioters out of jail.

But the real disconnect comes from Harris’ use of the word “we” while describing the Paycheck Protection Program.

The PPP was part of the CARES Act, a mammoth relief measure that was signed by then-President Donald Trump in March of 2020.

And while Harris could technically use the term “we,” since she was a senator at the time and CARES passed the Senate unanimously, there’s no question that the signature on the law that created the PPP was the spiky, unapologetic scrawl of “Donald J. Trump,” the president loathed by Harris and her party.

The claims didn't go unnoticed by social media users:

Harris should know that – she’s had Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program praised in her presence before.

It’s entirely possible that she realized it Tuesday – considering how quickly she seemed to shift the subject when the initials PPP came out of her mask-covered mouth.

kamala harris is one of the least popular vice presidents in history © press
Kamala Harris is one of the least popular vice presidents in history

With a record of continuous failure in her job so far — and job approval ratings that show it — Harris is in the running for the worst vice president in history.

She now apparently needs to grab any accomplishment she can — even if it means stealing from Donald Trump.

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