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Transgender Swimmer Boasts about Beating Females: ‘So Easy I Was Cruising’

University of Pennsylvania swim team member Lia Thomas smashed women's records

 on 14th December 2021 @ 6.00pm
transgender university of pennsylvania swimmer lia thomas has triggered a backlash © press
Transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas has triggered a backlash

Transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas has sparked further controversy by boasting about how "easy" it was to beat female opponents.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Thomas recently smashed several records by joining the women’s team after switching from the men's.

Thomas competed for three years on the men’s team but later "transitioned" to "female" and moved to the women's team.

The "victory" was met with fierce backlash after Thomas beat female swimmers by such huge margins.

However, Thomas is now reportedly taunting natural-born female opponents saying that beating them was “so easy I was cruising,” according to one swimming team member.

The claim came from a second female swimmer who recently spoke out to sports news outlet Outkick.

thomas competed as a male until recently but not  identifies  as  female © press
Thomas competed as a male until recently but not 'identifies' as 'female'

The woman told the site that Thomas joked about how easy it was to beat all the biological women at swim meets.

“That was so easy, I was cruising,” the woman said that Thomas gloated after a recent win.

“At least I’m still No. 1 in the country,” Thomas also reportedly boasted in front of teammates.

The U Penn swimmer also said that coaches and university officials told the girls that they are “strongly advised” not to talk about Thomas outside the college.

lia thomas boasted about destroying female swimming opponents © press
Lia Thomas boasted about destroying female swimming opponents

Outkick initially reported that a swimmer — who needed to stay anonymous to avoid having her life ruined by the woke mob — said that Thomas’ teammates were very unhappy about Thomas smashing female records all over the place.

And now, this second swimmer is substantiating the claim that the other swimmers are not pleased with the situation.

Thomas also recently spoke out about the swirling controversy and defended the mounting winning record.

In an interview last week with SwimSwam, Thomas praised the changes coming over the world of sports – such as the rules changes by the International Olympics Committee.

The Olympics will now allow men claiming to be transgender women to enter into the regular women’s categories without suppressing testosterone levels.

“I think the guidelines they set forward are very good and do a very good job of promoting inclusivity while keeping competitional integrity going,” Thomas said.

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