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Gordon Ramsey Dumps High-Tax California, Moves Business HQ to Texas

Celebrity chef is latest to shift business operations, cites tax policies & cost of living

 on 14th December 2021 @ 9.00pm
gordon ramsay is shifting his business headquarters to texas from california © press
Gordon Ramsay is shifting his business headquarters to Texas from California

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey has become the latest high-profile businessman to abandon high-tax California and move operations to business-friendly Texas.

Ramsay is best known for TV shows such as "Hell's Kitchen" and for operating high-class restaurants worthy of coveted Michelin stars.

However, as the top chef's business empire grows, he is now moving his North American restaurant headquarters to a suburb in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

His company previously ran operations from Los Angeles to Las Colinas.

The move comes as Gordon Ramsay North America is planning a massive expansion and investment in the United States.

The plans include opening 75 company-owned restaurants over the next five years, the Dallas Morning News reported.

gordon ramsay is best known for tv shows such as  hell s kitchen © press
Gordon Ramsay is best known for TV shows such as 'Hell's Kitchen'

Company CEO Norman Abdallah pointed to tax policies while explaining the move to Dallas.

He added that the financial benefits of operating from Texas were especially encouraging the move.

"The cost of living adjustment [from California to Texas] is pretty substantial," Abdallah explained.

"If you can make it in Dallas, you can make it anywhere."

Ramsay may also have been prompted by the pandemic.

The entrepreneur admitted in February that his restaurants suffered losses of approximately $80 million during lockdowns in the United Kingdom alone.

Given Ramsay's substantial existing portfolio in the U.S., he likely suffered well over $100 million in total losses due to shutdowns.

Ramsay told Insider that he recycles his own money back into his restaurants because he understands how many livelihoods depend on his success.

"I have always put my money back into the business," Ramsay explained.

"I've never been greedy, I've always been very, very generous.

"I get criticized for being wealthy, but the responsibility on my shoulders — the livelihoods at stake — is huge."

many businesses are abandoning high tax  democrat controlled california © press
Many businesses are abandoning high-tax, Democrat-controlled California

While Ramsay himself is not moving to Texas — he splits his time between Los Angeles and the U.K. — a host of major companies have recently relocated their headquarters to Texas from California.

In fact, multiple Fortune 500 companies have relocated to Texas in the last six years, including Charles Schwab, Jacobs, McKesson Corp., CBRE Group, Core-Mark International, Oracle, Tesla, and Hewlett-Packard.

And it's only getting worse for California.

The Hoover Institute at Stanford University released a report in August finding that 74 companies had relocated out of California during the first six months of 2021.

By comparison, only 62 companies moved their headquarters to California in all of 2020.

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