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Hollywood Celebrities Who Promoted Jussie Smollett Hoax Silent after Guilty Verdict

Disgraced actor convicted of staging 'hate crime' hoax against himself

 on 10th December 2021 @ 3.00pm
numerous hollywood celebrities helped jussie smollett promote his crime © press
Numerous Hollywood celebrities helped Jussie Smollett promote his crime

Countless Hollywood celebrities, who helped Jussie Smollett promote his fake "hate crime" hoax, have mysteriously gone silent after the disgraced actor was convicted in court on Thursday.

Former "Empire" star Smollett was found guilty by a jury for staging the fake racist and anti-gay "attack" against himself, which he claimed supporters of President Donald Trump were behind.

However, the case may not be over yet as victorious Special Prosecutor Dan Webb warned that he may pursue perjury charges against Smollett for lying to the jury under oath in court for "hours and hours and hours."

Yet, in the run-up to the trial, Smollett's lies were propped up by numerous celebrities who kept the hoax alive.

"We have a media that says it’s a debate that whether or not what happened to Jussie Smollett is a hate crime,” exclaimed actress Ellen Page (now Elliot) in 2019.

"It’s absurd."

jussie smollett was found guilty of staging a fake  hate crime  against himself © press
Jussie Smollett was found guilty of staging a fake 'hate crime' against himself

"It’s not a fucking debate," Page declared.


“This is a racist hate crime and is disgusting and shameful to our country,” tweeted pop singer Katy Perry.

“Homophobia existed before Trump, but there is no question that since he has injected his hatred into the American bloodstream, we are less decent, less human,& less loving,” tweeted director Rob Reiner, who also deleted his post as the evidenced piled on against Smollett.

“THIS is why we have to have zero tolerance against homophobia and racism. Jussie’s life matters,” exclaimed actress Olivia Munn in a now-deleted tweet.

“VILLAINY, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA,” lamented singer Cher in a tweet that she never deleted.

Oscar-winning actor Viola Davis wanted America to “take this racist and homophobic act of violence very personally.”

The Office star Mindy Kaling was “disgusted and horrified” when the news broke.

Scandal star Kerry Washington called for “justice for Jussie.” Well, at least she got her wish.

Even as proof of Smollett’s guilt became readily apparent, some celebrities, especially his Empire, remained in the actor’s corner, bitterly clinging to the hope that two racist Trump supporters attacked him at 2 AM on a cold Chicago winter’s night.

"No one could be that hurtful? To stage this? Right?” a perplexed Alyssa Milano asked.

"To fuck with all of us by playing into our weaknesses & make it even harder for victims to come forward?!

"No one could choose to be that hurtful? Right?! RIGHT?"

“Until I can see some definitive proof–which I haven’t seen yet–then, you know, I gotta go with him until I see otherwise,” said Queen Latifah.

While Blackish star Anthony Anderson did not defend Smollett, he did celebrate the prospect of him winning an NAACP image award after corrupt prosecutors in Chicago abruptly dropped the charges against him.

“It’s not my place or any other person’s place to judge him or whatnot, but I’m glad [that] he’s nominated,” said Anderson.

"I hope he wins because I’d be interested to hear his speech."

“Our country deserves better than the kind of morally bankrupt people who have taken our democracy hostage and condone hate crimes. Sending love to Jussie,” opined Molly Ringwald.

“Heartbroken and furious reading about the attack on [Smollett],” tweeted comedian Billy Eichner, who deleted the post shortly after news of Smollett’s hoax came to light.

"I want Trump and all MAGA lunatics to burn in Hell."

special prosecutor dan webb warned that he may pursue perjury charges against smollett for lying to the jury under oath © press
Special Prosecutor Dan Webb warned that he may pursue perjury charges against Smollett for lying to the jury under oath

On Thursday, a jury convicted disgraced actor Jussie Smollett for five counts of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report after he hired two brothers from Nigeria to stage a fake hate crime against him.

The class 4 felony carries a maximum sentence of up to 3 years in prison for each count.

However, experts believe that Hollywood celebrity Smollett will likely get a slap on the wrist with probation and be sentenced to community service.

Smollett was acquitted of just one count of disorderly conduct.

As of this writing, none of the celebrities above have issued a statement about Smollett’s guilty verdict.

Nor has Twitter "fact-checked" any of the statements or placed warning labels on the posts containing false claims.

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