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Jussie Smollett Testifies CNN's Don Lemon Gave Him Insider Tip-Offs on Investigation

Far-left host gave disgraced actor texted him about Chicago Police Department probe

 on 7th December 2021 @ 11.00pm
cnn s don lemon reportedly gave jussie smollett insider info from the police © press
CNN's Don Lemon reportedly gave Jussie Smollett insider info from the police

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett has testified during his own trial that CNN's star anchor Don Lemon fed him insider information on the Chicago Police Department (CPD) investigation into his fake "hate crime" hoax.

However, Lemon neglected to discuss his alleged meddling in Smollett's case while reporting on the former "Empire" star's highly publicized trial Monday.

The far-left "news" network is now facing yet another fresh scandal after Smollett claimed under oath that Lemon had texted him details of the CPD investigation into the anti-Trump "attack" Smollett is now on trial for faking, Fox News reported. 

During his "Don Lemon Tonight" segment on Monday, the CNN host portrayed an air of impartiality when mentioning Smollett's cross-examination in court.

Yet he failed to acknowledge Smollett's accusations against him when he took the stand.

His show included a straight news report on the ongoing trial, in marked contrast to Lemon's initial show of support for Smollett after he claimed to have been the victim of a homophobic hate crime in February 2019.

jussie smollett is on trial for staging the anti trump fake hate crime hoax © press
Jussie Smollett is on trial for staging the anti-Trump fake hate crime hoax

Smollett, 39, testified that he received a text from Lemon, supposedly relaying information that the CPD didn’t believe Smollett's account of what happened, Fox News’ Matt Finn reported from the Windy City courthouse.

Lemon told his viewers at the time that the story was "personal" since he and Smollett had been acquaintances and were in constant communication since the alleged incident and that Smollett told Lemon what he said had happened to him, which he admitted raised lots of questions.

He stressed that while Smollett is "innocent until proven guilty," he still "squandered the goodwill of a whole lot of people" if his story wasn’t true.

"He even lied to a lot of people… including me. And that’s not cool," Lemon said to his viewers.

"He squandered the goodwill of very high-profile people who one day may be running this country like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and people like President Trump."

Monday’s court testimony also saw Smollett testify that an interview he gave to "Good Morning America" was heavily edited.

"Every breath, every emotion is chopped so you really can’t understand it," Smollett said of the sit-down conversation.

Smollett further pressed that he turned down an invitation from Alicia Keys to perform on stage during the Grammys because he wanted to perform as a singer and not as a singer who was beaten up, according to Finn.

brothers abimbola osundairo  left  and olabinjo osundairo  right  also gave damning testimonies against smollett © press
Brothers Abimbola Osundairo (left) and Olabinjo Osundairo (right) also gave damning testimonies against Smollett

Smollett is now in the hands of prosecutors who are questioning the actor on the supposed injuries he sustained in the attack.

As cross-examination has commenced, the special prosecutor asked Smollett if he recalls that the Northwestern doctor – who was a witness called by Smollett’s own attorney – said Smollett had no injuries.

"I have a scar under my eye that has not healed… my injuries were real," Smollett said, according to Fox News’ Matt Finn.

"I remember him saying the facial injuries were real…"

Smollett is charged with six counts of felony disorderly conduct for making what prosecutors say was a false police report about the alleged attack — one count for each time he gave a report — to three different officers. 

The class 4 felony carries a prison sentence of up to three years, but experts have said if Smollett is convicted he likely would be placed on probation and ordered to perform community service.

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