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Pope Compares the EU to a ‘Nazi Dictatorship’ for Banning Word ‘Christmas’

The pope warned the block not to 'take the path of ideological colonization'

 on 7th December 2021 @ 12.00pm
the european commission gave advice for employees  urging them to refrain from using the term  christmas time © press
The European Commission gave advice for employees, urging them to refrain from using the term 'Christmas time'

Pope Francis compared the European Union to a "Nazi dictatorship" for trying to ban using the word "Christmas."

The pope warned the bloc not to "take the path of ideological colonization" as he returned from Greece following his trip.

The European Commission gave advice for employees, urging them to refrain from using the term “Christmas time" in press releases and on social media.

Neon Nettle reported at the time:

Under the section labeled “cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs,” the document advises employees to use more generic terms.

It argues that because everyone in the EU does not celebrate Christmas, they should use the term “holiday times” instead.

The Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported on the guidance with the entire document later distributed by French news website

the european commissioner for equality admitted  clearly needed more work    a fad  watered down secularism © press
The European Commissioner for Equality admitted 'clearly needed more work,' 'a fad, watered-down secularism'

Other suggestions included replacing Christian names such as Mary and John with "international" names such as Malika and Julio, and swapping the word "man-made" for "human-induced."

The European Commissioner for Equality admitted "clearly needed more work," "a fad, watered-down secularism."

While the Pope returned to the Vatican, he said:

"It is something that throughout history has not worked."

"In history, many dictatorships have tried to do these things. I'm thinking of Napoleon, the Nazi dictatorship, the Communist one."

He said the EU is "necessary," but it needs to avoid stirring up divisions among its member states:

"The European Union... must be careful not to take the path of ideological colonisation.

"This could end up dividing countries and causing the EU to fail.

"The European Union must respect each country's internal structure, its variety and not try to make them uniform — I don't think it will do that, it wasn't its intention, but it must be careful, because sometimes they come and throw projects like this one out there."

the eu document also told staff to  avoid assuming that everyone is christian © press
The EU document also told staff to 'avoid assuming that everyone is Christian'

The EU document also told staff to "avoid assuming that everyone is Christian" and "not everyone celebrates the Christian holidays, and not all Christians celebrate them on the same dates."

The Daily Mail reported:

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's secretary of state, accused the EU of trying to 'cancel our roots' by ignoring - rather than respecting - Europe's Christian heritage.

"We know that Europe owes its existence and its identity to many influences, but we certainly cannot forget that one of the main influences, if not the main one, was Christianity itself," he told Vatican News.

Matteo Salvini, Italy's former deputy Prime Minister, also accused the EU of 'folly' by publishing the rules.

"Mary, the mother. John, the father. Long live the holy Christmas … I hope that in Europe, no one will be offended," he tweeted.

Neon Nettle reported:

Civil servants in the United Kingdom banned the word "Christmas" from a proposed government campaign fearing it would offend minorities.

British officials vetoed the use of "Christmas" from being used in a COVID testing drive which would be marketed at students.

They argued the term risks offending minorities within the country.

"We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas,” an email seen by The Mail on Sunday read.

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