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Dr. Oz's History of Donating to Democrats Emerges amid Move to Run as GOP Senator

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his Republican candidacy for U.S. Senate

 on 6th December 2021 @ 11.00pm
dr  mehmet oz is running as a republican but has a history of donating to democrats © press
Dr. Mehmet Oz is running as a Republican but has a history of donating to Democrats

After Dr. Mehmet Oz announced last week that he is running for the U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate, details have emerged about the reality TV star's history of donating to establishment Democrats.

On Tuesday, the celebrity TV doctor announced that he is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican.

Oz is running for the seat currently held by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), who is vacating at the end of this term in January 2023.

Sean Parnell, the former frontrunner in the GOP primary, suspended his campaign last month.

He canceled his run after losing a custody battle to his estranged wife, who accused him of spousal and child abuse.

As Republicans push to win control of Congress in 2022, Toomey’s seat must be held by the GOP in the battleground state.

dr  mehmet oz is running for the seat that will be vacated by sen  pat toomey  r pa © press
Dr. Mehmet Oz is running for the seat that will be vacated by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)

Oz, apparently sensing an opportunity with Parnell’s exit, is making his Senate bid as a Republican.

However, he has spent decades contributing to notable Democrats such as close Biden-ally John Kerry.

Logan Ratick, Newsmax’s national correspondent, listed some of Oz’s past political donations in a Twitter thread Thursday.

Oz donated to Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in 2011, former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles’ losing 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, former New York Rep. Charlie Rangel in 2001, and to U.S. Climate Czar John Kerry’s 2001 U.S. Senate campaign in Massachusetts.

In an interview on Fox News after announcing his run, Oz elaborated on his friendship with Oprah Winfrey, a well-known Democrat.

Oz said he asked Winfrey for advice on his decision to run.

“She told me to follow my heart,” Oz said.

“She’s been a wonderful mentor to me, fairest woman I’ve ever worked with, and a great, sage adviser of mine.”

“I don’t want her to get involved in any way,” he added.

“I don’t want to hurt her … I don’t want people to have to take bullets when I should be taking them myself.”

He added that he would be calling and asking her for advice, however.

"I’ll be calling her and asking her for advice and [be] interested in her comments,” he said.

Oz announced his run in an op-ed for The Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

"We are angry at our government and at each other,” he wrote.

"We have not managed our crises as effectively as past generations. During the pandemic, I learned that when you mix politics and medicine, you get politics instead of solutions.

"That’s why I am running for the U.S. Senate: to help fix the problems and to help us heal.”

dr  oz has donated to close biden ally john kerry and other democratic campaigns © press
Dr. Oz has donated to close Biden ally John Kerry and other Democratic campaigns

Throughout the piece, Oz ripped into the government’s response to the pandemic, claiming that government mandates caused unnecessary suffering and death.

Oz wrote:

The reality of our challenges has crystallized during the pandemic. Over 750,000 in the United States have died from the virus, a devastating toll for families and communities. Many of those deaths were preventable. COVID-19 became an excuse for the government and elite thinkers who controlled the means of communication to suspend debate. Dissenting opinions from leading scholars were ridiculed and canceled so their ideas could not be disseminated.

Instead, the government mandated policies that caused unnecessary suffering. The public was patronized and misled instead of empowered. We were told to lock down quietly and let those in charge take care of the rest. When we tested positive for the virus, we were also told to wait at home until our lips turned blue and we got sick enough to warrant hospitalization. To be clear, this is not a typical medical protocol. Elites with yards told those without yards to stay inside, where the virus was more likely to spread. And the arrogant, closed-minded people in charge closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses, and took away our freedom.

If Republicans hope to take back control in the coming elections, the last thing the party needs is more RINOs.

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