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99% of Twitter Employees' Political Donations Went to Democrats, FEC Data Shows

Federal Elections Commission revealed massive left-wing leaning at Big Tech giant

 on 5th December 2021 @ 4.00pm
twitter s former ceo jack dorsey has faced backlash for bias at the company © press
Twitter's former CEO Jack Dorsey has faced backlash for bias at the company

99 percent of the online political donations made by Twitter employees went to Democrats, new data from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has revealed.

The data, obtained by the New York Post, shows that the social media giant's employees almost unanimously donated to Democratic campaigns.

Through the Democrats' fundraising apparatus, ActBlue, Twitter employees made 561 contributions, totaling $14,848.98.

The Republican Party’s fundraising counterpart, WinRed, was used to make just eight donations.

Ned Segal, Twitter’s Chief Financial Officer, donated the legal maximum donation an individual can give, $5,800, to Democratic Pennsylvania Congressman Conor Lamb.

Seksom Suriyapa also donated the legal maximum to Democrat California Representative Ro Khanna.

the top big tech giants have frequently been accused of left wing bias and censoring conservatives © press
The top Big Tech giants have frequently been accused of left-wing bias and censoring conservatives

Evan Stern, one of the company’s in-house attorneys, donated $2,900 to Democratic Arizona Senator Mark Kelly and Democratic Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock, both of whom are running for re-election to a full term in the U.S. Senate in the 2022 midterms.

Stern also gave $2,900 to Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who is running to replace retiring Republican Senator Pat Toomey in 2022.

"The one percent shocks,” the Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor joked.

"They have somebody who actually gave to the GOP. I’m stunned."

The largest donation of that one percent — just $250 — was given by former Twitter Vice President of Finance Rich Sullivan to RINO Adam Kinzinger, the "Republican" congressman from Illinois who was one of 10 GOP Congresspeople to vote to impeach former President Donald Trump in January.

Rep. Kinzinger currently serves on the Committee investigating the events of January 6.

Kinzinger announced on October 30 that he would not be seeking re-election in 2022.

Gainor also pointed out that Twitter employees’ contributions to the Democrat Party go beyond financial.

“Their day-to-day actions also contribute to that political party,” he said.

“There was a time when you could give to one political party and still be fairhanded, but that time is long past.”

Twitter infamously censored a story broken by the New York Post in October of 2020, which revealed information from Hunter Biden’s personal laptop about how the son of Joe Biden allegedly introduced his father to a Ukrainian businessman, as well as a number of compromising pictures of the younger Biden.

The Federal Elections Commission recently dismissed a complaint filed by the Republican National Committee alleging that Twitter’s suppression of the story was an “illegal in-kind contribution” to Joe Biden’s campaign.

The FEC dismissed the complaint, saying Twitter had “credibly explained” why it blocked the Post link, even though the social media outlet eventually reversed its decision and CEO Jack Dorsey called that decision a “mistake.”

twitter censored a damaging story about hunter biden to help his father joe biden in the 2020 election © press
Twitter censored a damaging story about Hunter Biden to help his father Joe Biden in the 2020 election

The FEC also dismissed complaints that Twitter censored conservatives on its platform and rejected allegations that Twitter also violates election laws by limiting the reach of conservative users without explanation and “shadow banning” them.

The federal agency also disagreed that the Big Tech company violated election laws by treating conservatives differently than liberals, such as suppressing anti-Biden content and labeling Trump’s tweets as misinformation but not doing the same for Democrats.

The FEC insisted those claims were “vague, speculative and unsupported by the available information.”

News of the employees’ contributions comes as controversy arises over new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who posted several tweets in the past expressing biased sentiments against conservatives and white people.

He also said in an interview that Twitter is not supposed to be “bound by the First Amendment.”

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