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Seth Rogen Claims Critics of His 'Santa Inc' Show Are 'White Supremacists'

Show slammed as 'lowest-rated TV series ever'

 on 4th December 2021 @ 6.00pm
seth rogen claims his new shows bombed because of  white supremacists © press
Seth Rogen claims his new shows bombed because of 'white supremacists'

Hollywood star Seth Rogen has responded to the crushing response to his new show "Santa Inc." by claiming that critics of the widely panned animated series are "white supremacists."

Accoridng to Rogen, his show bombed because it "really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists."

However, the series has been hammered across the board and slammed as the "lowest-rated TV series ever."

The news follows headlines earlier this week about Rogen smoking "a ton of weed" before attending a televised Adele concert.

Rogen also got pummeled as a "champagne socialist" late last month after downplaying the brazen crime wave happening in Los Angeles.

And now, "white supremacists" are apparently giving Rogan's shows bad reviews.

seth rogen s new series  santa inc   has been widely panned © press
Seth Rogen's new series 'Santa Inc.' has been widely panned

Rogen and comedian Sarah Silverman lend their voices to his new "Santa Inc." animated series.

And Rogan is now voicing his theory on Twitter about why it is being panned:

"We really pissed off tens of thousands of white supremacists with our new show #SantaInc which is now available on HBOMAX!" Rogen tweeted Thursday.

"(Please read the responses to this tweet for confirmation)," he added.

"Televised lump of coal"

The headline of Variety's review accused "Santa Inc." of "misguided raunchiness."

Reviewer Daniel D'Addario added that it's "dour and heavy, a televised lump of coal." 

"When the show displays a visual wit or a loopy joy with wordplay, it makes it feel all the more like a waste of energy that it, elsewhere, depicts Mrs. Claus dancing on a candy-cane stripper pole," D'Addario adds.

"That doesn’t say anything, really; it just suggests a readiness to provoke."

Not to be outdone, the Cult MTL review headline says "Santa Inc." is the "lowest-rated TV series ever."

That'll put a dent in anybody's joint.

"Almost all of the show’s user reviews on IMDb are 1 out of 10, and, while most are very harsh, are overall very entertaining to read," the review adds.

"Ranging from 'A Pile Of S**t' to 'Possibly the worst show ever made' to 'Cancelled my HBO Max' — it’s possible that, as one review points out, the only positive to be taken away is that all the extremely low reviews are a 'sign that people aren’t idiots.'"

 santa inc   is voiced by seth rogen and comedian sarah silverman © press
'Santa Inc.' is voiced by Seth Rogen and comedian Sarah Silverman

The Hollywood Reporter was a little kinder with its verdict, saying "Santa Inc." is "proudly crude and immature without wholly abandoning the holiday spirit."

However, it adds that "often that immaturity comes at the expense of Santa Inc. ever being nearly as subversive as it thinks it is, but I’m not sure anybody involved here is likely to take my wish that the series were a bit smarter and maybe a hair more refined seriously."

As you might expect, Twitter users took Rogen to task for calling out "white supremacists" instead of just taking the proverbial "L" like a man:

  • "Have you considered the audience rating isn't based on white supremacy, and that maybe~ it's actually just not that good?" one user asked.
  • "Maybe it’s just s**t," another commenter posed. "Why isn’t that an option?"
  • "I love how all critics can just be shoved aside by calling people Nazis," another user noticed. "What a convienent shield for your creative decline."
  • "Dude, you cannot just define 'white supremacists' as 'people that don't like my sh**ty movie,'" another commenter said. "People are tired of: 'Christmas bad!' 'America bad!' 'White people bad!' Get some new material."

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