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Biden's FCC Nominee Slammed Fox News as 'State-Sponsored Propaganda'

Radical leftist Gigi Sohn is nominated as a commissioner of the Federal Communications

 on 2nd December 2021 @ 11.00pm
joe biden s fcc nominee gigi sohn described fox news as  propaganda © press
Joe Biden's FCC nominee Gigi Sohn described Fox News as 'propaganda'

One of Democrat Joe Biden’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nominees previously slammed Fox News as “state-sponsored propaganda.”

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) asked the radical nominee, Gigi Sohn, about her criticism of conservative media, which she claimed would not influence her policies as a potential FCC commissioner.

If confirmed to become an FCC commissioner, Sohn would have a huge power grip over conservative media and other news outlets.

Leftist Sohn co-founded the far-left nonprofit Public Knowledge, which has pressured cable and satellite providers to censor One America News.

Sohn has also called for the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a conservative-owned network of local broadcasters, to be stripped of its license.

In a statement blasting Fox News last year, the FCC nominee called the network “dangerous to our democracy” and “state-sponsored propaganda.”

joe biden has been pushing radical leftists for top government positions © press
Joe Biden has been pushing radical leftists for top government positions

During the Senate nomination hearing, Sen. Wicker asked Sohn if she harbors any bias against Fox News and conservative media.

Sohn said her comments were made in the context of “hearings” and “media reports” and admitted her tone “was a little sharper” than it should be.

She then claimed that her comments as a progressive technology advocate would not influence her work as an FCC commissioner.

"For all my concerns about #Facebook, I believe that Fox News has had the most negative impact on our democracy," she tweeted in October 2020.

"It's state-sponsored propaganda, with few if any opposing viewpoints.

"Where's the hearing about that?"

When GOP Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri asked Sohn whether she is biased against Fox News, Sohn emphasized that past comments she made about the outlet came in the context of hearings as well as media reports. 

Sohn said that her "opinions as a public interest advocate will have no bearing on how I behave as a policymaker," in the event that she is confirmed as commissioner of the FCC.


She told Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas that her tweets about Fox News were issued in the context of a hearing in which blame for misinformation was rightfully being attributed to Big Tech.

Sohn told Cruz that she has "also been critical of liberal stations as well." 

She said that she spent years working with "conservative cable channels" in order "to get them carriage on cable systems when those systems would not carry them."


America News Network President Charles Herring has issued a statement in support of Sohn.

"I'm fully aware of Gigi's personal views, yet I'm even more knowledgable on her strong belief and advocacy for diversity in the programming lineup, especially in news, regardless of conflicts with her personal views," Herring said in the statement.

gigi sohn would have the power to silence conservative media if confirmed at the fcc © press
Gigi Sohn would have the power to silence conservative media if confirmed at the FCC

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy has also backed the nomination: "While I don't always agree with the nominees on many policy matters, Newsmax fully supports the Commission's mandate to promote diversity, localism, and competition in the marketplace," Ruddy said in a statement, according to Axios.

"Newsmax believes both nominees are committed to that mandate."

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