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Democrat Mayor: We Need 'More Police,' Far-Left ‘Defund’ Movement Hurting Cities

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf admits cops badly needed to combat a surge in crime

 on 1st December 2021 @ 12.00am
oakland mayor libby schaaf admits that we need  more police © press
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf admits that we need 'more police'

The Democrat mayor of Oakland, California has admitted that her city desperately needs "more police" to tackle the soaring crime there.

Mayor Libby Schaaf revealed that the "defund the police" movement is seriously hurting cities and limits the possibilities for recruiting new cops.

Schaaf warned during a CNN interview on Monday about the harm that anti-police rhetoric is causing.

"The big question for you, mayor, as well as mayors in other major cities because these [murders] are happening in many cities now — is; what does comprehensive mean?" CNN host Kate Bolduan asked.

"And what is the solution to stopping this?" she added.

"I mean, what are you doing now to do that, to stop this from happening again?”

 defund rhetoric  is hurting cities  mayor libby schaaf warned © press
'Defund rhetoric' is hurting cities, Mayor Libby Schaaf warned

"Let me be clear: Oakland needs more police,” Schaaf said.

"We have been impacted by staffing reductions.

"COVID interrupted our recruitment and training processes.

"And the defund rhetoric is challenging our ability to attract and retain recruits.

"And we know that that is not unique to Oakland.”

 let me be clear  oakland needs more police   mayor schaaf said © press
'Let me be clear: Oakland needs more police,' Mayor Schaaf said

"We want people to be proud of being in this service to our community and we are going to be staffing up,” she added.

"That is a necessity at this moment where we are with our crime in this season.”


"And it’s not just police," the mayor noted.

"We are looking at the interruption of our entire criminal justice system, the court system, the impacts of new policies with regard to bail.

"Everything is on the table, as we look at a comprehensive approach to turn the tide of this spike in violence.

"I mean, you talked about the coordinated impacts of these criminal caravans," she added.

"We need state and federal resources to interrupt those efforts.

"Lord knows, they’re coordinated.

"We need to be coordinated, as well."

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