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Hunter Biden’s Lucrative Energy Deal with Communist China Exposed

Shady dealings emerge from 'Laptop from Hell' emails

 on 29th November 2021 @ 10.00pm
hunter biden secured a hugely lucrative energy deal in china © press
Hunter Biden secured a hugely lucrative energy deal in China

Details of an extremely lucrative deal between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist Party-controlled China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) have emerged, according to reports.

The news comes as Hunter's father, Democrat regime leader Joe Biden, continues to crack down on the U.S. oil and gas industry, making America increasingly reliant on foreign energy imports.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden enjoys a longstanding — and financially rewarding — business relationship with Chinese energy companies.

Hunter's shady dealings all come at the expense of U.S. national security while aiding his father, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Russian regime of Vladimir Putin, according to an explosive new report.

The arrangement between the younger Biden and the CEFC has been revealed by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.

Devine makes explosive revelations about Joe and Hunter Biden’s ethically cloudy business deals in her forthcoming new book, "Laptop from Hell."

hunter s business partner tony bobulinski says a cut of the china deals was secretly given to joe biden  who they referred to as  the big guy © press
Hunter's business partner Tony Bobulinski says a cut of the China deals was secretly given to Joe Biden, who they referred to as 'the big guy'

Hunter Biden arranged multiple business deals with close allies of Chinese President Xi Jinping, squeezing $6 million out of the relationship before things went sour, according to Devine.

Hunter’s association with the Chinese allegedly comes through a business partnership he opened with the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC).

“CEFC was the capitalist arm of President Xi Jinping’s imperialist Belt and Road Initiative to export Chinese influence around the world,” writes Devine.

Any cooperation with CEFC expanded China’s despotic global hegemony, and the Bidens’ bank accounts, at the cost of U.S. national security, reports the book.

“Through 2015 and 2016, Hunter and his partners had been using the Biden name to open doors for CEFC around the world, in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Oman, Ukraine, Romania, and beyond,” Devine writes.

According to Devine, Biden initially floated a $10 million deal between CEFC and a group he founded called SinoHawk.

In an email dated May 13, 2017, one of Hunter Biden’s business partners detailed Sinohawk’s ownership:

“The equity will be distributed as follows,” wrote [James] Gilliar, listing the shares in percentages.

“20 H [Hunter]
“20 RW [Rob Walker]
“20 JG [James Gilliar] “20 TB [Tony Bobulinski] “10 Jim [Biden] “10 held by H for the big guy.”

Hunter's former business partner Tony Bobulinski subsequently claimed “the big guy,” whose 10% interest would seemingly be laundered through Hunter Biden, was Joe Biden.

Devine writes that Joe Biden had a long history of placing his son Hunter into high-paying sinecures and, in turn, seeing his son finance the rest of the Biden family’s lavish lifestyle.

Devine cites emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop that seemingly show a perplexingly complicated intermingling of Hunter’s finances with those of his father, with credits and debits reportedly flowing both ways.

But Hunter Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, would undermine the SinoHawk agreement by cementing a side deal, in hopes of siphoning off a greater share of the profits, reports Devine.

Initially, Hunter explained in an email quoted by Devine, then CEFC chairman Ye Jianming offered Hunter a $30 million deal for using his family’s name to open doors in high political circles: His “original agreement with the Director was for consulting fees based on introductions alone — a rate of $10M per year for a three-year guarantee[d] total of $30M,” he wrote.

These introductions would be to high-ranking Democratic politicians across the United States, including then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, among others, Devine writes.

But soon, Biden reportedly wrote, the Chinese official proposed “A MUCH MORE LASTING AND LUCRATIVE ARRANGEMENT” that’s “so much more interesting to me and my family.”

Hunter described the proposed deal in an email as “a $4 billion deal to build the f***ing largest f***ing [liquefied natural gas] port in the world” on Monkey Island, Louisiana, to send America’s abundant energy reserves to the Chinese Communist Party, according to Devine.

Devine also notes that Hunter and his uncle Jim would form Hudson West III (HW3), a business venture half-owned by Hunter Biden and half-owned by a close adviser to Chinese insider Ye Jianming named Mervyn Yan — but all the capital would be put up by the Chinese.

Under the agreement, “Hunter got $100,000 monthly salary and $50,000 business expenses, while Jim Biden got $65,000 a month,” writes Devine, who adds that CEFC also set up a line of credit with Hunter, Jim, and Jim’s wife Sara Biden as “authorized users of credit cards associated with the account” — a line of credit they promptly tapped.

Although the deal had run into legal snags, the money continued flowing, Devine reports.

In just a matter of months, the CEFC transferred $6 million to Robinson “Rob” Walker, whom Devine describes as a “Biden family representative.” (Tony Bobulinski also says he was told that Walker would represent Hunter and Jim Biden in their short-lived partnership, SinoHawk.) 

“These [$6 million] transactions are a direct link between Walker and the communist Chinese government and, because of his close association with Hunter Biden, yet another tie between Hunter Biden’s financial arrangements and the communist Chinese government,” concluded an official inquiry led by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

“We know from the laptop that Hunter received regular payments from Robinson Walker,” writes Devine.

In an email written on April 18, 2017, China allegedly expressed its gratitude for whatever services the Biden “family” rendered on its behalf.

“Please convey … greetings to the B family, their support is the base of CEFC’s further development,” CEFC project manager Cui “Caesar” asked one of Hunter Biden’s partners.

The CEFC deal, together with Hunter Biden’s better-known deal with the Ukrainian company Burisma, ties his economic fortunes to those of Russia.

Hunter Biden’s best-known business deal came from his affiliation with the Ukraine-based energy company, Burisma.

Board chairman Alan Apter told The Wall Street Journal that he met Hunter’s fellow Yale alumnus Devon Archer, and asked Archer and Hunter Biden to join the board “totally based on merit.”

“An alternative story is told in the laptop,” writes Devine.

Hunter Biden got on Burisma’s board by paying a “finder’s fee” to an international headhunter for $277,775 — one-third of his Burisma “earnings” for 10 months, reports Devine.

The headhunter is Alex Kotlarsky of TriGlobal Strategic Ventures, whose “founding partner is Armenian-born Moscow oligarch Ara Abramyan, a close ally of Vladimir Putin.”

The connection worked, allegedly netting Hunter Biden $83,333 a month.

Curiously, that amount would fall by half shortly after his father left his post as vice president, Devine writes.

hunter biden s shady dealings were exposed in emails from his  laptop from hell © press
Hunter Biden's shady dealings were exposed in emails from his 'Laptop from hell'

"Hunter liked to say that Burisma was in the noble business of helping Ukraine gain energy independence from Russia,” writes Devine.

"Yet all the people who introduced him to Burisma were aligned with Russia, and Burisma’s owner, [Mykola] Zlochevsky, was the former ecology minister under the Russia-aligned President [Viktor] Yanukovych, who fled to exile in Moscow."

Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections at CEFC give him another tie to Russia, Devine says: CEFC Executive Director Zang Jianjun and Ye Jianming would attempt to purchase 14% of the Russian oil company Rosneft.

“President Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother Jim had a partner doing business, not just with China’s Xi Jinping, but with Russia’s Vladimir Putin,” writes Devine.

Zang would make the impolitic move of publishing a picture of himself with Vladimir Putin at an international judo competition in Budapest Devine notes.

When Bobulinski complained about the photo, Hunter explained, “Well that’s actually good for us.”

It helped his bottom line when China looked strong, he said.

“Chinese bailing out feckless Putin, [Zang] sticking it to him through the pictures along with Xi,” Biden allegedly wrote.

In other words, Hunter and the Biden family benefit financially when China looks like it’s going to eat our lunch.

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