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Obama's WH Doctor: Democrats 'Will Remove' Biden before 'the End of This Term'

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson raises alarm on Biden's fitness

 on 26th November 2021 @ 8.00pm
obama s white house doctor says joe biden will be removed by democrats © press
Obama's White House doctor says Joe Biden will be removed by Democrats

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson has warned that he believes Democrats are planning to "remove" Joe Biden from office before he can complete his first term in office.

Jackson, who served under former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, said during a Fox News interview that Democrats will start to make Biden’s alleged “cognitive issues” a problem.

Accoridng to Jackson, the party will use Biden's health to "remove him" and replace him with Kamala Harris.

Jackson, who now serves as a U.S. congressman from Texas, was responding to a recently released report on Biden’s health.

Jackson said during an interview with host Laura Ingraham that he believes that Biden did not even have a cognitive exam done.

He said it was because he claims that Biden’s medical team knows that “Biden would not do well on this test.”

ronny jackson served as president obama s physician © press
Ronny Jackson served as President Obama's physician

"And that’s why they ran away from this and they will not do it because they know he’ll fail miserably,” he said.

"You know, he will validate what the public thinks about him right now, that he’s not fit to be our commander in chief.”

When asked about Biden running for re-election in 2024, Jackson said “there’s absolutely no way” that happens.

"He will not run for president for a second term. He’ll be 82-years-old,” Jackson said.

"And I really, I’m going to stick to what I’ve been saying all along since he was candidate Biden.

"He won’t make it to the end of this term.

"They will remove him at some point after the 2022 midterms.

"They’re going to have to address his cognitive issues.

"It won’t be Ronny Jackson talking about it anymore.

"It’s going to be the Democrats and they’re going to have to explain what’s going on with him.

"And make no mistake about it, there’s a certain number of people in the White House right now.”

ronny jackson believes democrats are planning to replace biden with kamala harris © press
Ronny Jackson believes Democrats are planning to replace Biden with Kamala Harris

“You know, Kamala Harris walks past that office every day and looks in there,” he concluded.

"She thinks I’m going to be president pretty soon and she might be right.

"She probably is right.

"And that’s the only way she’s ever going to become president because she’s not going to get elected.

"So there’s gonna be a big incentive to get him out of there.”


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