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Democrats Panic over Midterms as Polls Show 'Entire Brand' a 'Wreck'

'Too late; we’re f***ed' - 'The Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck'

 on 26th November 2021 @ 3.00pm
democrats are panicking over the 2022 midterm elections © press
Democrats are panicking over the 2022 midterm elections

Democrats are reportedly panicking over the looming 2022 midterms elections as new surveys show the party's "entire brand" is "a wreck."

The new polling, from Democratic Party strategists, reportedly shows that the party’s brand has now hit rock bottom nationwide.

The Democrats' plummetted popularity is being driven by skyrocketing inflation and rising fuel costs under Joe Biden's economy, a continued disaster on the U.S. Southern Border, the fallout from the disaster in Afghanistan, and numerous other issues.

“What they discovered, largely through focus groups and polling, was even worse than expected,” Politico reported.

"The problems cut far deeper than the failings of their gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings.

"Rather, the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.”

democrat regime leaders are reportedly panicking over the midterms © press
Democrat regime leaders are reportedly panicking over the midterms

People who voted for Biden could not name anything that Democrats had done “except a few” who pointed to the infrastructure bill, which was bipartisan.

The voters could not say what the Democrat Party stood for or what they were doing on the national level.

“Less than a year ahead of midterm elections, in which even Democrats widely expect they will lose the House and, possibly, the Senate, the party is confronting an identity crisis,” the report added.

“It isn’t just Biden’s cratering public approval ratings, inflation, or the precedent that the party in power typically loses seats in a president’s first midterm.”

Politico noted that a Democrat strategist who advises the party’s major donors said after the House passed Biden’s massive far-left social spending bill that it was “[t]oo late. We’re f—ed.”

The report said that skyrocketing inflation, a lack of workers at stores, and supply chain disruptions were having a significant negative impact on the people’s view of the economy.

The most devastating part of the report was the finding that everything the Democrats have been banking their future on — the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the far-left social spending bill — “show few signs of helping them at the ballot box.”

The focus groups found that “2020 Biden voters had little positive to say about him right now” and that “many described disappointment or a sense that he is not doing well.”

The finding that Democrat voters “sense that [Biden] is not doing well” comes as Biden recently got the results back from his first physical as president and apparently did not have a cognitive examination done, according to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson, who served in the role under the past two administrations, responded to Biden’s physical by saying, “if anyone needs a cognitive test, it’s this president that we have right now.”

former white house physician ronny jackson has repeatedly warned that biden is  not mentally fit  to serve © press
Former White House physician Ronny Jackson has repeatedly warned that Biden is 'not mentally fit' to serve

When asked if Biden’s medical team would have intentionally left the results of a cognitive exam out of the report for national security reasons, Jackson responded, "No, I don’t think they did it.”

"They didn’t do it because they know, if they do it, you don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answers to,” Jackson said.

"And essentially, I mean, that’s his approach right now is not to ask questions that he doesn’t want the answers to.

"They know that if they gave him a cognitive test, that he would have failed miserably, and then they would have had to explain that away somehow.”

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