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Epstein Warned He Was 'Not Suicidal' Days Before Death, New Documents Reveal

'Why would you ever think I would be suicidal? I am not suicidal and I would never be'

 on 24th November 2021 @ 3.00pm
 smirking  jeffrey epstein said he  would never be  suicidal © press
'Smirking' Jeffrey Epstein said he 'would never be' suicidal

Deceased child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein stated that he was "not suicidal" and "never would be" just days before his death, bombshell new documents have revealed.

The explosive documents were obtained by the New York Times and give fresh insight into Epstein's mindset during his final days.

The disgraced Democrat financier told jail staff and physicians that he was not suicidal in the days leading up to his August 2019 death, which was ruled a suicide.

Epstein was being held in a New York jail while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges when he was found dead in his cell.

Authorities say that Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center by using a bedsheet to hang himself.

According to reports, Epstein also allegedly attempted suicide in July 2019.

jeffrey epstein was found dead in his new york jail cell while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges © press
Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his New York jail cell while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges

However, according to Epstein himself, he "never would" have tried to commit suicide.

According to the Bureau of Prisons documents — which include doctors' notes and more — Epstein continually insisted he was not suicidal in the days and weeks leading up to his death.

The Times based its report on more than 2,000 pages of records it obtained in a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons after the bureau denied a FOIA request on Epstein's time at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Doctors' notes featured in the report detailed Epstein's mindset during incarceration and showed that even during his first psychological evaluation — conducted in July before his first attempt at taking his life — he did not present with any active suicidal ideation.

A portion of the first session's notes reveals that "Epstein adamantly denied any suicidal ideation, intention, or plan," prompting an unnamed physician to decline to place Epstein on suicide watch. 

The physician instead recommended that Epstein continues in observation "out of an abundance of caution."

One psychologist wrote in her report from a July 9 suicide risk evaluation that Epstein told her "being alive is fun."

"He was future-oriented," the unnamed psychologist wrote in the doctor's notes on the session.

During a July 11 session, another physician noted, "[Epstein] was smirking and said, 'Why would you ever think I would be suicidal? I am not suicidal and I would never be.'"

Following Epstein's July 23 suicide attempt, documents reported that jail doctors initially placed him on suicide watch, but removed him after approximately 31 hours.

Even after the attempt, Epstein was said to have continued denying any suicidal ideation whatsoever and told psychologists that suicide was against his Jewish religion.

The Times report, however, painted Epstein as a master of manipulation, spinning "illusions until the very end, deceiving correctional officers, counselors, and specially trained inmates assigned to monitor him around the clock."

In the days following the purported July attempt, Epstein was quoted as saying "I have no interest in killing myself" and that he was living a "wonderful life."

Epstein later added that he was focused on his case and resuming his "normal life."

Epstein died by hanging on Aug. 10, 2019. The medical examiner ruled Epstein's death a suicide.

Elsewhere in the report, psychologists monitoring Epstein noted that he complained about a variety of things during his incarceration, including the running toilet in his cell, his right arm periodically going numb, and the bright orange uniform he was required to wear.

jeffrey epstein had been charged with child sex trafficking offenses when he died © press
Jeffrey Epstein had been charged with child sex trafficking offenses when he died

Epstein was also said to regale his fellow inmates with stories about socializing with entertainers and escorts as well as about securities commodities.

One inmate reportedly journaled, "Epstein and I are talking about the escort business.

"Epstein and I are talking about arbitrage."

Another inmate also reportedly emailed the psychology unit in October 2019 and recounted a conversation he had with an inmate in the cell next to that of Epstein.

The inmate in his message said that Epstein's neighbor heard Epstein tearing up his bedsheet in the hours leading up to his death.

"Jeffrey Epstein definitely killed himself," the unnamed inmate insisted.

"Any conspiracy theories to the contrary are ridiculous."

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