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Disney Star Slammed for 'Glorifying Child Rapist' Who Attacked Rittenhouse

'The Mandalorian' actor Pedro Pascal paints child sex offender Joseph Rosenbaum as a hero

 on 23rd November 2021 @ 8.00pm
disney star pedro pascal glorified violent pedophile joseph rosenbaum on twitter © press
Disney star Pedro Pascal glorified violent pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum on Twitter

Disney actor Pedro Pascal has prompted a furious backlash on social media after he posted a tribute to Kyle Rittenhouse's attacker Joseph Rosenbaum, where he tried to glorify the violent convicted child rapist as a hero.

Pascal, who stars in Disney's "The Mandalorian," posted a tribute to Rosenbaum on Twitter where he falsely alleged the deceased pedophile was "murdered."

According to court documents, Rosenbaum was a convicted child rapist accused of anally raping children as young as 9 years old.

Rosenbaum was part of a mob of violent aggressors that attacked Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha last August, forcing the teen to fire his weapon in self-defense.

Rosenbaum was one of the two men fatally shot during the incident.

On Friday afternoon, over a year after he was attacked by the mob, Rittenhouse was finally cleared of the phony charges against him when a jury found him not guilty.

joseph rosenbaum was a violent convicted pedophile and on the sex offenders register © press
Joseph Rosenbaum was a violent convicted pedophile and on the sex offenders register

In response to the verdict, Pascal posted on Twitter that the attackers were "murdered" by Rittenhouse and tried to paint them as heroes.

Sharing a picture of the two on Twitter, Pascal wrote

"Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 27, murdered August 25th, 2020. Rest in peace."

At the time of writing, Twitter has not "fact-checked" Pascal's false claims or placed a warning label on his post.

The post was met with fierce responses.

Blaze Media host Allie Beth Stuckey wrote, "Neither were murdered.

"Both were aggressors in this situation who happened to have a long history of violence, including, for the guy on the left, child rape. Pick better heroes."

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon added, "You just publicly honored a guy who anally raped young children and tried to murder a teenager."

Journalist Tim Pool responded, "There are many pedophiles in Hollywood[.]

"Pedro Pascal and Mark Ruffalo support a child rapist[.] Makes you wonder[.]"

One social media user thundered, "Rosenbaum anally raped children. Literally.

"9 to 11 year-olds. You are glorifying a child rapist."

Another added, "Yet another Hollywood elite that doesn't know anything about the trial and what happened."

"I wonder how Joseph Rosenbaum victims feel about your post Pedro," another user wrote.

joseph rosenbaum was a lead aggressor in the violent mob that attacked kyle rittenhouse © press
Joseph Rosenbaum was a lead aggressor in the violent mob that attacked Kyle Rittenhouse

Rosenbaum was a convicted sex offender who was barred from possessing a firearm, according to a July report from the Associated Press.

Huber was previously convicted of domestic abuse and disorderly conduct in 2018.

He also spent time in prison in 2012 after assaulting choking his own brother.

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