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Newt Gingrich: 'Frightening' Biden Is Too 'Confused, Weak, Feeble' for a Second Term

Republican former House speaker slams Democrats for not listening to voters

 on 19th November 2021 @ 10.00pm
newt gingrich says joe biden is  confused  weak  feeble  uncertain  falls asleep at an international conference © press
Newt Gingrich says Joe Biden is 'confused, weak, feeble, uncertain, falls asleep at an international conference'

Republican former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has predicted that "frightening" Democrat Joe Biden will not run for a second term in the White House because he's too "confused, weak, feeble," and "uncertain."

Gingrich slammed the Democrats and Biden during an appearance on “Fox News Primetime.”

He pointed to Democratic leadership not listening to voters as the catalyst for Biden and Kamala Harris's plummeting approval ratings.

Gingrich was echoing the sentiment that is being felt across Washington D.C. and even inside the White House.

Recently, CNN, of all outlets, ran an unflattering story about Harris based on insider complaints from her own staff.

The Democrats know that if Biden can’t win in 2024, they need another candidate, but Harris's poll numbers are now even worse than Biden's.

newt gingrich says joe biden during an interview on  fox news primetime © press
Newt Gingrich says Joe Biden during an interview on 'Fox News Primetime'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is also losing her grip on power as many predict Democrats will lose control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections. 

"Well, first of all, you now know why I wrote 'Beyond Biden' instead of writing 'anti-Biden' because is he doing such a great job of being the leading 'anti-Biden' in the country," Gingrich explained.

"A couple of things I thought about it and first of all it is sad and a little frightening that the commander-in-chief, the guy in charge of nuclear weapons and who represents America and the world looks this confused, weak, feeble, uncertain, falls asleep at an international conference on climate. 

"Think about what that says to all of our competitors around the world and to all of our allies.

"Second, what makes it even more frightening is, the person behind him is Kamala Harris. 

"And she is so bad there is actually a website that has 10 hours of her laughing taken from various TV appearances. 

"So, you know, you can’t switch to her."

joe biden  gets a little bit weaker  with  every passing month   gingrich said © press
Joe Biden 'gets a little bit weaker' with 'every passing month,' Gingrich said

"And it’s very clear he’ll be a one-term president," Gingrich declared.

"And it’s pretty clear, I think, that with every passing month, he gets a little bit weaker. 

"The last thing you showed, by the way, was just yesterday where he and Kamala trying to prove that the CNN report that they were fighting was false came dancing out to the rose garden literally arm in arm, chatting together as though this was some springtime movie for teenagers.

"And looking totally inauthentic,” he said.

"You couldn’t stage these things to look more inauthentic than they did."


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