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Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Set up Powerful Men’ with Epstein’s Victims, Court Docs Show

Prosectors plan to reveal emails showing arrangements, court fillings show

 on 15th November 2021 @ 8.00pm
prosecutors say ghislaine maxwell  left   set up powerful men  with jeffrey epstein s victims © press
Prosecutors say Ghislaine Maxwell (left) 'set up powerful men' with Jeffrey Epstein's victims

Prosecutors in the child sex trafficking case against Ghislaine Maxwell say the defendant "set up powerful men" with the victims of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, court filings show.

According to documents submitted to the court, the prosecution plans reveal emails that show Maxwell making arrangements to set up powerful elites with sex trafficking victims "they would like."

The 84-page document does not mention the "powerful men" by name, but prosecutors are pushing for the identities to be revealed along with the emails during the trial.

The lead attorney states in the court filing that Maxwell's email messages show the 59-year-old British socialite was "using her ability to provide access" to Epstein's victims "as a form of social currency."

Maxwell, the alleged madam for child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, was "eager to please" the men, the fillings add.

She wanted to "ingratiate" herself with them by offering them connections to Epstein's world.

ghislaine maxwell used her influence to  provide access  to jeffrey epstein s victims for  powerful men © press
Ghislaine Maxwell used her influence to 'provide access' to Jeffrey Epstein's victims for 'powerful men'

New York prosecutors plan to offer several emails that show "the defendant took steps to please other influential men [than Epstein] by providing them access to women she selected for them."

The prosecution states: "These exhibits show (1) the defendant’s willingness to facilitate encounters between powerful men and women they would like, and (2) the defendant’s understanding that providing such access is a way to ingratiate herself with powerful men.

"At trial, it may not be obvious to a jury that an adult woman would be willing to provide Jeffrey Epstein with access to young girls.

"These emails make clear that the defendant was willing to serve in such a role, and that she was eager to please wealthy and influential men by providing them with access to women."

Maxwell’s lawyers said that if she was trying to "ingratiate herself with a friend, so what?"

Their response document states: "If her motive is to permit adult women to date her single friends, then it is not to pick up schoolgirls off the street to give 'sexual massages' to Jeffrey Epstein.

"And if she already had access to other powerful and influential men who were in her life, she would not need her friendship or access to Jeffrey Epstein."

the prosecution is pushing to name the  powerful men  during ghislaine maxwell s trial © press
The prosecution is pushing to name the 'powerful men' during Ghislaine Maxwell's trial

The matter of the emails is set to be debated at the final hearing before Maxwell’s trial.

The public phase of jury selection, known as voir dire, is set to begin in the Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday.

Opening statements are due on November 29.

Maxwell faces six counts, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury.

The daughter of disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell denies all of the counts, which carry jail sentences of up to 80 years.

She is being held in a 6ft by 9ft cell at Brooklyn’s bleak Metropolitan Detention Centre and has set aside $7 million to pay for her defence.

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