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Far-Left Young Turks Host Admits Anti-Kyle Rittenhouse Narrative Was False

Ana Kasparian says she 'was wrong' about key facts concerning the case

 on 10th November 2021 @ 12.00am
far left young turks host ana kasparian admits she was wrong about kyle rittenhouse © press
Far-Left Young Turks host Ana Kasparian admits she was wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse

The cohost of the far-left news show "The Young Turks," Ana Kasparian, has admitted that the anti-Kyle Rittenhouse narrative being peddled by America's left-wing establishment media is false.

In a shock admission, Kasparian had revealed that she "was wrong" about key facts of the Rittenhouse case.

Kasparian said she thought Rittenhouse first chased after Joseph Rosenbaum, sparking the incident that ended with the teen fatally shooting Rosenbaum.

However, Rosenbaum was the aggressor who chased after Rittenhouse.

Furthermore, a gun was fired from a third party just seconds before Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum.

“I was wrong about that, okay, so I want to correct the record,” Kasparian confessed on her news show.

the left is starting to realise that kyle rittenhouse was not the aggressor © press
The Left is starting to realise that Kyle Rittenhouse was not the aggressor

“Look, these details matter, because if you’re going to make an argument that you acted in self-defense, there needs to be some proof that there was an imminent threat,” she added.

Rittenhouse’s defense team is arguing the teen was acting in self-defense on August 25, 2020, when he fatally shot two rioters and injured a third.

"Now, what really mattered to me was how all of this unfolded,” she explained.

"What was the thing that sparked it, what started all of it. And, initially, I was under the assumption that Rittenhouse was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum — that’s how it started. 

"But I was wrong about that.”

"I was in fact wrong about that, and to show you the evidence to reinforce that I was wrong about that, I want to go to this video.”

Kasparian then showed a video showing a combative Rosenbaum shouting “shoot me” before chasing after an unsuspecting Rittenhouse.

As Rosenbaum gains on Rittenhouse and throws a bag filled with his belongings from his hospital stay the night before, a third party fires off a gunshot.

That’s when Rittenhouse turns and fires off four shots, fatally wounding Rosenbaum.

"So, those details matter, right? Kasparian sums up.

"Who was chasing who matters, the gunshots by some other unidentified person, that matters, especially if you’re Rittenhouse and you’re running away, and then you hear shots and then Rosenbaum lunges toward him."

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, it was revealed during the trial last week that Rosenbaum was “masked” when he chased Rittenhouse and continued to pursue the teen despite Rittenhouse repeatedly yelling that he was “friendly,” Kenosha Police detective Martin Howard confirmed:

Howard was reviewing never-before-seen FBI infrared aerial surveillance footage for the court when defense asked him about Rittenhouse being pursued by Rosenbaum, and the then-17-year-old’s repeated yells of “friendly.”

Those yells, however, did not “dissuade Mr. Rosenbaum, correct?” Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards asked Howard.

“Correct,” the official responded.

the judge in kyle rittenhouse s trial even warned jurors against propaganda being peddled in the media © press
The judge in Kyle Rittenhouse's trial even warned jurors against propaganda being peddled in the media

Last month, Kasparian had a discussion with The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, headlining the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry’s annual dinner.

The progressive politico caught heat for the discussion, but fiercely defended the exchange and ripped the Left for “platform scolding.”


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