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NBC Grills Secret Service on 'Threat' to Biden from 'Let's Go Brandon'

Left-wing 'news' network demands investigations into viral meme

 on 2nd November 2021 @ 8.00pm
nbc claims  let s go brandon  is a  threat  to joe biden © press
NBC claims 'Let's Go Brandon' is a 'threat' to Joe Biden

NBC News is demanding that Secret Service investigates the alleged "threat" to Democrat Joe Biden from the viral "Let's Go Brandon" meme.

The news network, like many on the left, is outraged at the rising popularity of the anti-Biden phrase.

The sheer mention of "Let's Go Brandon" has become a trigger for liberal implosion, further fueling its soaring prevalence.

The phrase itself was born out of mockery of an NBC reporter, who tried to do damage control to mask a NASCAR crowd's anti-Biden chanting.

The reporter unsuccessfully tried to claim the crowd, that was clearly chanting "F*** Joe Biden," was yelling "Let's Go Brandon."

The phrase has quickly boomed into a viral phenomenon, with multiple "Let's Go Brandon" songs even topping the U.S music charts.

 let s go brandon  has been spreading across social media  sports events  and even the music charts © press
'Let's Go Brandon' has been spreading across social media, sports events, and even the music charts

Leftists are fighting back, however.

A full-on cancel campaign has taken root to get a Southwest Airlines Pilot fired who may have uttered the phrase over his plane's intercom system (note: He may also have said "Let's go, Braves," or any number of other things; the audio is not clear).

The outrage has taken predictable turns, as a number of liberal commentators have nonsensically claimed that the phrase is "racist."

One CNN/MSNBC commentator even compared it to a Nazi salute.

NBC News has now apparently decided that it also constitutes a threat that should be investigated by the Secret Service.

The outlet made the claim in an article written Monday about gun manufacturers who have begun to incorporate the "Let's go, Brandon" meme into various gun parts.

nbc claims  let s go brandon  poses a  threat  to joe biden © press
NBC claims 'Let's Go Brandon' poses a 'threat' to Joe Biden

In the article, NBC notes that the Palmetto State Armory in Columbia, S.C., is marketing a "LETSGO15 stripped lower receiver" for an AR-15, which includes a fire mode selector that has three settings: "'F@CK!'(Safe), 'JOE!' (Fire), 'BIDEN!' (Full-Auto)."

The article also noted that "At least two other firms in other states, Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical, are advertising an AR-15 magazine for sale with a 'Let's Go Brandon' sticker." 

The article indicated, "A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates threats against the president, declined to comment."

The article did not indicate why the Secret Service was asked to comment about a derogatory joke directed against Joe Biden.

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