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Big Tech Bans Viral 'Let's Go Brandon' Song - It Still Soars to Number 1

Rapper Bryson Gray’s anti-Biden song beats Adele to top the music charts

 on 25th October 2021 @ 3.00pm
the anti biden  let s go brandon  song has soared to number one © press
The anti-Biden 'Let's Go Brandon' song has soared to number one

A viral "Let's Go Brandon" song has soared to number one in the U.S. music charts despite attempts by Big Tech giants to censor the anti-Biden hit.

Rapper Bryson Gray’s song “Let’s Go Brandon” surpassed pop star Adele's latest hit to become the number one song in the country.

The news comes after Gray’s song was banned from YouTube on Thursday for allegedly containing “medical misinformation.”

On Sunday, it was then apparently banned from Instagram for violating guidelines on “harmful false information.”

"Let's Go Brandon" has become a hugely popular phrase used to criticize Democrat Joe Biden.

It emerged after a recent NASCAR race, where an NBC reporter falsely claimed fans were cheering on the race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

rapper bryson gray soared to number one  despite attacks from big tech © press
Rapper Bryson Gray soared to number one, despite attacks from Big Tech

“YouTube has banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song from YouTube due to ‘medical information,’” Gray posted to Twitter.

“What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa.”

According to Fox News, the artist said that the lyric version of the video was first banned, “but then the actual music video was taken down,” too.

After Gray tweeted about the ban, YouTube tech support said they would “re-review” the matter — but Gray has still not heard back.

"Jumping in – we’re passing this along to the right team for a re-review,” the reply said.

"We’ll share updates once we hear back from them.

"Appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

Following the ban, Gray’s song became the number one most-downloaded on iTunes, according to PopVortex rankings on Sunday morning.

Ironically, the number one spot was earned as Gray learned that Instagram had apparently banned his song, too.


"Stop being afraid of censorship.

"Stop being afraid to be cancelled. STAND UP.

"Thank y’all so much! KEEP IT GOING!”

In a follow-up post, he noted of the Instagram block, writing, “Haha cute but it’s too late.”

“Why is the most censored rapper in the country someone that doesn’t even curse in songs?” Gray told Fox News.

On the rapper’s album, “Letters to the Church,” he says via Twitter that he uses “No profanity. No unbiblical ideas. Every word is based on scripture.”

“Why can you rap about murder, sex, and drugs but when I rap about questioning the government I get banned? Is this still America?” Gray questioned.

According to Fox News, the song “takes multiple shots at Biden regarding his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, cognitive ability, and handling of the coronavirus.”

the song is based on the viral  let s go brandon  anti biden phrase © press
The song is based on the viral 'Let's Go Brandon' anti-Biden phrase

Last week, another anti-Biden “Let’s Go Brandon!” soared to number one on the iTunes hip-hop chart — this one by rapper Loza Alexander.

“In the song’s choruses, a voice repeatedly chants the iconic anti-Biden mantra and is immediately followed by a sample of a crowd chanting the original line, the more rough-and-ready ‘F*ck Joe Biden,’” The Post Millennial reported.

“Alexander can be seen in the video wearing a red MAGA-style hat with white lettering on it which reads ‘Make Music Great Again’ and rapping about how many Americans are experiencing regret and how he feels vindicated due to the poor performance of the Biden administration,” the site added.

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