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TV Hosts Drowned Out by 'F**K Joe Biden' Chants on ALCS Postgame Show

Fox cuts live feed from Fenway Park as chants overwhelm broadcast - WATCH

 on 22nd October 2021 @ 1.00am
the crowd shredded joe biden with the viral chant © press
The crowd shredded Joe Biden with the viral chant

Fox was forced to cut its live broadcast of the ALCS postgame show on Tuesday night when the hosts became drowned out by chants of "f**k Joe Biden."

Producers apparently raced to hit the mute button as often as they could while the hosts' conversations were overwhelmed by the viral chanting.

The postgame show, broadcast outside Fenway Park, was rife with fans shredding the Democrat regime leader by chanting the popular anti-Biden phrase.

Fox repeatedly cut the broadcast and attempted to return to the hosts.

However, the chant was heard at least four times during the broadcast, according to Mediaite.


anti biden chants have been spreading across sporting events everywhere © press
Anti-Biden chants have been spreading across sporting events everywhere

Fox seemed resigned to allow the chants on Tuesday without too much use of the mute button, but the day before, producers were forced to mute the crowd far more as chants of “F*ck you A-Rod” and “F*ck Altuve” also rang out during the broadcast.

The chants were heard as the Fox commentators spoke, so it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to mute them entirely.

Notably, the show was being broadcast at Fenway Park in deep blue Boston, Massachusetts.

This is a town that voted heavily for Joe Biden, not some bastion of southern conservatism.


The “F*ck Joe Biden” chants are appearing at nearly every sort of event that draws large crowds after starting as a chant when college football started up this season.

From college to pro sports, to NASCAR races, concerts, and other events, the chant has become ubiquitous.

 f  k joe biden  chants also spawned the viral  let s go brandon  chant © press
'F**k Joe Biden' chants also spawned the viral 'Let's Go Brandon' chant

As Neon Nettle previously reported, the chant even broke out in Rome, Italy last week.

The Fox crew will again broadcast outside Fenway for Game 5 on Thursday evening.

However, producers are likely bracing for more intrusions of a similar nature.

Let's Go, Brandon!

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