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Hunter Biden Offered to Sell Intel on Putin-Linked Russian Oligarch for $80,000

Newly leaked emails reveal Joe Biden's son offering U.S firm 'analysis' on billionaire

 on 21st October 2021 @ 1.00pm
hunter biden offered to sell intelligence  analysis  on on russian oligarch oleg deripaska © press
Hunter Biden offered to sell intelligence 'analysis' on on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Democrat Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, offered to sell an American company an intelligence "analysis" report on a Vladimir Putin-linked Russian oligarch who was raided by the FBI this week, according to explosive newly leaked emails.

The emails, from Hunter's infamous abandoned "Laptop from Hell," show the younger Biden offering to sell the intel to U.S. aluminum giant Alcoa for $80,000.

Hunter made the proposition in 2011 and was offering information on Oleg Deripaska, the Russian oligarch currently under federal investigation.

Hunter promised he could provide the company "with statistical analysis of political and corporate risks, elite networks associated with Oleg Deripaska," according to New York Post columnist Miranda Devine.

His proposal for Alcoa involved a breakdown of charges, which includes fees of $25,000 for "phase one" of the project and another $55,000 for "refined analysis."

Devine cited newly obtained emails retrieved from the laptop Hunter Biden abandoned in a Delaware repair shop in 2019.

oleg deripaska s new york home was raided by the fbi earlier this week © press
Oleg Deripaska's New York home was raided by the FBI earlier this week

Deripaska is the founder of Russian aluminum giant RUSAL, with which Alcoa had recently entered into a two-year metal supply agreement at the time of the emails.

Hunter Biden made the offer on behalf of his company Rosemont Seneca to an Alcoa executive, according to the Post. 

His father Joe Biden was vice president of the United States at the time, a fact which Alcoa executives took note of in assessing the proposal, the emails reportedly show.

It's unclear whether a deal was ever reached to provide Alcoa with the information on Deripaska, though the emails reportedly suggest that Rosemont Seneca lowered the proposed fee after hearing feedback from the prospective client. 

Like a number of other news outlets, Devine has a copy of the abandoned laptop's hard drive.

She is set to release a book on secrets revealed in the hard drive, titled Laptop From Hell, next month.

The US imposed sanctions on Deripaska, 53, and other influential Russians in 2018 because of their ties to President Vladimir Putin after alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, which Moscow denies.  

After FBI agents raided Washington and New York properties linked to Deripaska's family this week, he slammed American "stupidity" in a mocking social media post on Wednesday.

"I cannot help but marvel at the utter stupidity of a part of the American establishment… as they persist in spinning this story about the supposedly colossal role of Russians in the 2016 US presidential election," Deripaska said.

"It's time to face the obvious: Trump didn't win on his own, of course!"

But he said it was Washington, DC's own fault for alienating Americans so they voted for an "operetta character" like Trump.

"He had help from those dumb a**s in Washington who had so fed up with their electorate that they were ready to vote for anybody (even an operetta character, but not the bribe-ridden members of the Clinton clan)," he said.

"It is convenient to feed your electorate (brought up on Hollywood movies about horrible Russians) with all sorts of bulls**t for another 10 years."

A spokesman for Deripaska said the searches stemmed from sanctions imposed on him in 2018 and that the homes belonged to his relatives. 

The Kremlin vowed to protect Deripaska's interests "in every possible way."

Images of FBI agents surrounding the Washington, DC residence connected to Deripaska, a close Putin ally who has been linked to Paul Manafort and Christopher Steele, were first reported by NBC late Monday morning.

The action was court-ordered, an FBI spokesperson told multiple outlets. 

hunter biden s laptop has exposed a series of allegations of biden family corruption © press
Hunter Biden's laptop has exposed a series of allegations of Biden family corruption

Deripaska mocked investigators, apparently believing there was little relevant information to be found.

"One has to ask: was a s**tload of Putin's money found yesterday in these abandoned houses?" he said.

"Did they manage to snack on the sour jam from the pantries and a couple of bottles of vodka stolen in the best traditions of the Bolsheviks during the search?"

He added, "P.S. I'm fed up with the unfunny a**holes..."

The Kremlin said on Wednesday, "We have heard statements that these real estate assets are not a property of the entrepreneur."

The billionaire Deripaska is believed to currently be in Austria, according to one Moscow source. 

Deripaska still owns a stake of RUSAL via his shares in its parent company En+ Group but relinquished control in both in 2018 as part of his deal with Washington that removed those companies from the sanctions list.   

Hunter Biden's defense attorney Chris Clark has yet to comment on this latest revelation.

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