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Washington Post Demands 'Spoiled' Americans 'Lower Expectations' in 'Biden's America'

Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper blasts consumers amid supply chain crisis

 on 20th October 2021 @ 1.00am
the washington post says americans are  spoiled  and should  lower expectations © press
The Washington Post says Americans are 'spoiled' and should 'lower expectations'

The Washington Post has slammed the American people as "spoiled" and demanded that consumers in the United States "lower expectations" amid Democrat Joe Biden's many crippling crises.

The newspaper, which is owned by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, declared that Americans should stop ranting about short-staffed businesses and supply chain issues in "Joe Biden's America."

The Post was shredded on social media for claiming that U.S. consumers should stop expecting to buy groceries from stores in Biden's economy and instead "try to lower expectations."

"Time for some new, more realistic expectations," columnist Micheline Maynard wrote in an article reminiscent of Soviet Russia's socialist propaganda.

Maynard continued by blasting Americans for being used to fast service and easy access to consumer products.

"American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience."

only a  spoiled  capitalist would expect to eat in joe biden s america  according to the washington post © press
Only a 'spoiled' capitalist would expect to eat in Joe Biden's America, according to the Washington Post

Falling short of branding Americans "capitalist pigs," Maynard claimed that consumers would be doing themselves a favor by "consciously lowering expectations" instead of expecting the Democrat regime to keep the economic machine ticking over.

She also described how the disruptions were affecting business owners from their perspective.

Maynard then suggested the disruptions could also affect the publication of a new book she was writing, adding that "paper shortages, worker shortages and the traffic jams at shipping ports" were "endangering holiday books sales."

"All I can do is hope for the best. Like everybody else," Maynard wrote.

"And keep those expectations reasonable.

"Eventually the supply chain will get straightened out.

"American consumers might have been spoiled, but generations of them have also dealt with shortages of some kind …

"Now it’s our turn to make adjustments," she added.

the washington post slammed americans for wanting groceries on store shelves © press
The Washington Post slammed Americans for wanting groceries on store shelves

Critics quickly excoriated the piece on social media, with some suggesting that lowering expectations was "becoming the theme of Joe Biden’s America," and others suggesting such a "mantra" could negatively impact Democrats heading into the midterm elections.

Some critics also noted that the call for Americans to accept empty store shelves was like living in the former Soviet Union, which was often plagued by shortages in consumer goods.

"Good news: it’s the 1980s again. Bad news: it’s Soviet Russia’s version of the 1980s, complete with Pravda," wrote reporter Mollie Hemingway. 

A number of Republican organizations and members of Congress also blasted the piece, placing blame on Joe Biden.

"The Washington Post tells Americans to expect empty shelves inside their grocery stores, then blames the consumer for overreacting, when they should be demanding answers from the Biden Administration," wrote Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO).

"Not playing defense for them. Spoiler alert: It is Joe’s fault!"

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