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Obama's Economist: Biden's 'Wokeness' Causing 'Very Serious' Inflation to Get 'Worse'

Larry Summers, a top official in Obama and Clinton administrations, issues warning

 on 15th October 2021 @ 3.00pm
larry summers warns joe biden is focussing on being  woke  instead of the economy © press
Larry Summers warns Joe Biden is focussing on being 'woke' instead of the economy

A former top economic advisor to President Obama has issued a dire warning about the economy under Democrat Joe Biden.

Larry Summers, who served as Obama's director of the National Economic Council and President Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary, has warned that Biden is too focused on "wokeness" while America verges on an economic disaster.

During multiple interviews this week, Summers said that inflation is now actually "worse" than he suggested it could be when he raised the alarm on the matter earlier this year.

He described the rising inflation under "woke" Biden as a "very serious" cause for concern.

Summers also warned that woke bankers were an issue because they are focusing on the wrong thing.

“We have a generation of central bankers who are defining themselves by their wokeness,” Summers said while speaking to a virtual conference organized by the Institute of International Finance.

larry summers described the rising inflation under  woke  biden as a  very serious  cause for concern © press
Larry Summers described the rising inflation under 'woke' Biden as a 'very serious' cause for concern

“They’re defining themselves by how socially concerned they are,” he added.

Summers, who is now a professor at Harvard, warned that “we’re in more danger than we’ve been, during my career, of losing control of inflation in the U.S.”

“We’ve gone even further towards losing it in Britain and I think we’re at some risk in Europe,” he added.

Summers’ remarks come as new consumer-price index numbers show that inflation is continuing to remain high.

Price levels have surged 5.4% over the last 12 months and 6.5% on an annual basis so far in 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Summers said earlier this year that the size of Democrat Biden’s economic stimulus was causing the economy to “overheat” and that it may meltdown if Democrats did not start pumping the brakes.

"The main risk is that our economy’s going to overheat,” Summers said.

"And then once it overheats, it’s going to be hard to put out the fire without doing a lot of damage and causing a lot of problems.

"And so I’d like to see us shift towards a policy concern.

"I mean, let me give you another example.”

During a separate interview with Australian media this week, Summers gave a stark warning about inflation.

"I’m afraid things have come in worse than I expected on inflation,” Summers said.

"My view is, in February, was that we had a lot of demand coming down the pike that eventually the bathtub was going to overflow.

"And we were going to have inflation because of the combination of fiscal and monetary policies and a big savings overhang.

"What is surprised me is how tight the labor market has become, how fast.

"How many supply-side bottlenecks have returned, and how rapidly inflation has accelerated.

"And that seems to be translated into increases in inflation expectations.”

larry summer was obama s top economic advisor and also served in the clinton administration © press
Larry Summer was Obama's top economic advisor and also served in the Clinton administration

"Well, I think we now have a gathering storm of inflation,” he continued.

"And we’re likely to see some combination of that storm coming to fruition, or the central bank being forced to act to contain inflation with potentially serious financial consequences, or some combination of those two things.

"We’ve had labor market inflation wages at a seven and a half percent rate in the last month, we’ve had consumer price inflation close to a 6% rate over the last six months.

"We’ve had houses causing price inflation at over 20% over the last year, and almost none of that has yet been reflected in the price indices.

"I think they’re very serious reasons for concern.”

Summers later warned that he believes that the U.S. is facing “a pretty unstable financial environment.”

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