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Hunter Biden Spotted Mingling with Wealthy Elite Art Buyers He's Not Supposed to Know

White House had assured public that Joe Biden's son would not know identities of buyers

 on 7th October 2021 @ 1.00am
it s called a  pay for play  scheme © press
It's called a 'pay-for-play' scheme

Hunter Biden has been spotted rubbing shoulders with powerful elite art buyers at his art show, despite assurances from the White House that Democrat Joe Biden's son would not know who was buying his paintings.

Hunter hosted his "art" show in Hollywood on Friday for several California elites, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Garcetti was a national co-chairman of Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and was nominated by the Democrat regime leader to serve as the U.S. ambassador to India.

Also in attendance was Shepard Fairey, creator of the Obama /Hope poster, and the musician Moby.

The ritzy event took place in a large white room in Milk Studios with approximately 200 people reportedly attending, Mother Jones reported.

George Bergès, Hunter Biden's ar dealer, is reportedly charging up to $500,000 per piece of "artwork," the Atlantic reports.

hunter biden is expected to make millions from the art deals that are being handled by the white house © press
Hunter Biden is expected to make millions from the art deals that are being handled by the White House

Critics argue the event presents a conflict of interest, with buyers writing large checks directly to the president's son.

To address the ethical concerns, the White House partnered with the gallerist to lay down some ground rules.

Hunter Biden, for example, must not know the identity of any of the buyers or discuss the sale of any of the pieces of art during the event, instead, focusing the discussion on his "creative process."

“There’s no mechanism for monitoring, no mechanism for notifying the public if confidentiality is broken, no mechanism for tracking if buyers get access to [the government]," said Walter Shaub, the former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

According to The Daily Mail, Hunter was seen mingling with "potential buyers and celebrity guests including World Champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, Moby, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti."

The Mail said it obtained video and photographs showing Hunter Biden and his art dealer Georges Berges with some 200 people at the Milk studios in Hollywood just days ago.

The report explained the foundation for the concerns: "The eye-watering sums, unheard of for a debuting artist, have prompted serious concerns by former White House ethics chiefs, who fear that money for the works could be used as proxy political donations or to curry favor with President Joe Biden and his family."

The Mail reported LA-based writer Hannah Bhuiya attended the event and reported that "most people looked like they were conservatively wealthy and would look to be buying the work.

"I think that's who was invited and who came."

She said she overheard multiple comments that people were "surprised" the work was "good."

The Mail said it was unclear if any works were sold, and art critics have confirmed that a beginner would not normally get high prices – unless "his last name is significantly inflating their price."

It was Sebastian Smee, the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic, who said the work was like that of a "café painter." 

"You see a certain kind of art in coffee shops, and some of it is OK and a lot of it is bad, and sometimes it's surprisingly good.

"But you wouldn't, unless you were related to the artist, spend more than $1,000 on it."

As WND reports, Peter Schweizer, chief of the Governmental Accountability Institute, recently wrote in a column that he wanted to know why Congress is not investigating the "scam" by Hunter Biden to channel money into his family's coffers.

Schweizer raised the questions in a column at the Gatestone Institute, where he is a distinguished senior fellow.

The issue is Hunter Biden's plan, as a novice artist, to sell paintings for as much as $500,000.

Schweizer explained that financial manipulation has been going on in the Biden family for some time already.

"My investigative team at the Government Accountability Institute has the 30,000 emails contained on Hunter Biden's laptop and the corroborating email records that establish their authenticity," he noted.

"We have been going through these emails by hand and have identified concrete examples of Hunter Biden paying bills for his father while the latter was Vice President.

"As I said on Maria Bartiromo's Fox News program recently, that is illegal."

He noted the financial trails have been followed before to Democrats.

"We at GAI have seen this kind of thing before," Schweizer said.

"The story of the Clinton Foundation that we broke in 2015 was full of this kind of 'bank-shot' influence-peddling and corruption.

"Companies seeking to influence Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State under President Barack Obama were, inexplicably, suddenly donating enormous sums of money to her family's charity.

"We were able to identify the donors and their real interests through tax and corporate records, even as the Clinton Foundation itself would not reveal all of its donors.

"We could, as investigative journalists, corroborate the coincidences through public records with a lot of digging."

He said such tracking likely can't happen with Hunter Biden's artwork, to be sold through dealer Hunter's new art dealer, Georges Bergès, "especially if the purchasers are foreign interests from countries where tax laws are not so rigorous.

"Bergès himself has said he is eager to expand his business into the Chinese market.

"Who will know if China's art-loving billionaires, all connected deeply to the Communist Party and in some cases to the Chinese military, are Hunter's benefactors?

"Are we really supposed to believe that the anonymity of the buyers will remain a tight secret, and that Chinese government-connected buyers will not somehow let the Bidens know they are Hunter's newest and biggest fans?"

He pointed out a Senate Homeland Security and Government Oversight committee report last year called the art market as the "largest legal, unregulated market in the United States" – and a significant weakness in the nation's sanctions and anti-money laundering regimes.

"Why is this not being scrutinized?" Schweizer wrote.

"The ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., has sent letters to Bergès demanding the complete documentation of transactions involving Hunter's art sales.

"Comer is unlikely to get it: only the Democrat majority on the committee can authorize subpoenas to compel those records.

"As the Wall Street Journal noted in a recent editorial, the committee's chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N,Y., seems uninterested in doing so.

"Why are they failing to scrutinize what is so obviously a back-door scheme to funnel money to the president's son from foreign sources?

"Every American who cares about transparency in government should be outraged."

The author cited other "scams" involving Hunter Biden and lots of money.

"First, it was his being named, with no expertise whatsoever in either Ukraine or the oil and gas business, to the board of directors of Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas company under investigation for fraud.

"Then it was the deluxe payday in 2012 for his Rosemont-Seneca real estate investment partnership, which was bankrolled to the tune of more than $1.5 billion by Chinese investors with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

"Hunter had little or no experience in private equity, either, but he had just arrived in Beijing aboard Air Force Two with his father the Vice President, just two weeks before that enormous deal was announced."

hunter biden s shady business deals have often been linked to joe biden © press
Hunter Biden's shady business deals have often been linked to Joe Biden

Joe Biden also has shown a willingness to intervene in his son's activities.

He met, as vice president for Barack Obama, with Ukrainian officials at a time that Burisma was under investigation for corruption, and he returned home to brag about how he threatened the nation with withholding $1 billion in American aid if they didn't get rid of the prosecutor.


A French website reported the prosecutor, Victor Shokin, later filed a criminal complaint naming Joe Biden and accusing him of committing a "criminal offense" in his campaign to get Shokin fired.

Columnist Byron York, at the time, explained why the stories about Hunter Biden's dealings are so important:

"Remember a key fact here: Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he never knew about his son's business dealings," he wrote.

"If what [New York Post columnist Miranda] Devine is reporting is correct, Biden made those claims after having financially benefited from his son's business dealings and after having been a part of some of his son's business events.

"Again: The Hunter Biden laptop story is not about Hunter Biden.

"It's about Joe Biden."

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