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Pack of Thugs Bursts into Home in Dead of Night, 2A Patriot Homeowner Puts Them Down

Multiple home intruders break into home in early hours, armed homeowner ends invasion

 on 6th October 2021 @ 5.00pm
every law abiding american patriot has a god given right to defend themselves © press
Every law-abiding American patriot has a God-given right to defend themselves

For most people, a home invasion in the middle of the night can be one of our greatest fears.

However, the U.S. Constitution ensures that every law-abiding citizen has a God-given right to arm and defend themselves, their property, and their loved ones.

By exercising those Second Amendment rights, any American patriot can make sure that if anybody is going to leave their property in body bags, it's the bad guys.

Thankfully, one 2A patriot in Oklahoma was fully prepared when a pack of home intruders burst into his home in the middle of the night on Friday. 

At around 2:30 am, the man heard multiple people breaking into his home on Backhaus Road near Guthrie, accoridng to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

So the homeowner grabbed his gun and put the thugs down.

police arrived to find the cold dead corpse of one of the home invaders on the scene © press
Police arrived to find the cold dead corpse of one of the home invaders on the scene

After firing shots, the homeowner called 911 and reported that he'd shot the intruders inside his home, and Logan County deputies responded to the scene, the agency said.

Upon arrival, deputies found the corpse of one of the criminals who had died at the scene from gunshot wounds, OSBI added.

"[He] fired shots at the sounds he heard from the break-in," Brook Arbeitman with OSBI told KWTV-DT.

When deputies arrived at the home, they only found one deceased intruder, however.

The other person or persons who broke into the home took off amid the gunfire, the agency said.

KWTV reported that they haven't been found and it's not yet clear if they suffered serious injuries from the gunshots.

"Two to three people," Arbeitman added to the station.

"The homeowner isn't sure how many people were inside his home."

Police told KWTV they believe the intruders left some things behind.

More from the station:

Investigators said the suspects possibly used a dirt bike to get to the scene.
It stayed parked on the side of the road, mostly hidden behind a downed tree branch.
Investigators loaded it into a truck and took the bike for further processing.

Also left at the house was a number of tools that include varied sizes of wrenches, a battery charger, bottles of octane booster, a helmet and what looks like a cattle prod.
OSBI said it the items could have been brought to be used on the dirt bike.
police said they are still searching for the rest of the gang © press
Police said they are still searching for the rest of the gang

Fortunately, the homeowner wasn't injured and police said he was cooperating with investigators, KWTV reported.

Investigators added to the station that they hope someone who lives nearby may have noticed the activity.

"Might be odd to see a vehicle or people walking around that area at that time of early morning," Arbeitman told KWTV.

The station said that no arrests have yet been made, and police haven't released the deceases home invader's name.

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