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Biden Hemorrhaging Support Among Key Voter Demographic, New Poll Shows

Democrat rapidly losing support from independent voters

 on 4th October 2021 @ 5.00pm
joe biden s support from key voters is plummeting © press
Joe Biden's support from key voters is plummeting

Democrat Joe Biden is hemorrhaging support among a critical voter demographic, a new poll has revealed.

The Associated Press-NORC poll will likely set alarm bells off in the White House as it shows Biden is rapidly losing support among a voter group that is key to winning presidential elections.

The poll shows that Biden's disapproval rating stands at 49 percent while his approval rating sits at 50%.

According to this particular poll, Biden's approval has tanked nearly 10 points since July when the same survey found Biden's approval rating to be 59%.

However, the key takeaway from the poll is how poorly Biden is viewed by the demographic critical to winning the White House -  independent voters.

Biden has hemorrhaged more than 20 points among independent voters since July.

joe biden s agenda is pushing key voters away © press
Joe Biden's agenda is pushing key voters away

Only 38% of independents now approve of Biden, according to the poll, whereas 62% approved of him just two months ago.

Biden even lost seven points among Democrats, down to 85% approval from 92% in July.

Among black Americans, Biden's support has cratered from 86% to 64% in just two months.

The AP tried to soften the blow by characterizing the massive decrease as Biden's support among black Americans having "dipped somewhat." 

In its story covering the bad news for Biden, the AP attempted to try and shift the blame onto President Donald Trump:

In follow-up interviews, some of those who had mixed feelings about Biden's performance still saw him as preferable to former President Donald Trump.
They said that Biden was dealing with a pandemic that began under the former president, an Afghanistan withdrawal negotiated on Trump's behalf and an economy that tilted in favor of corporations and the wealthy because of Trump's tax cuts.


"Trump had a lot to do with what's going on now," said Acarla Strickland, 41, a health care worker from Atlanta who voted for Biden yet now feels lukewarm about him.

However, Trump cannot be blamed for Biden's self-inflicted wounds.

Not only is Biden facing massive legislative battles on Capitol Hill that are not going in his favor, but the border crisis has raged under his "leadership," which has generated bipartisan blame.

Biden also presided over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, with resulted in more American casualties and a severe weakening of respect for the United States on the world stage.

unsurprisingly  the media is attempting to blame president trump for biden s failures © press
Unsurprisingly, the media is attempting to blame President Trump for Biden's failures

Not only is support for Biden cratering, but another poll shows his promise to unify America is becoming a foregone possibility.

The poll — conducted by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia in partnership with Project Home Fire — discovered that 41% of Biden supporters and 52% of Trump supporters agree the United States should be split between Republican-controlled states and Democratic-controlled states.

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