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Texan with a Baseball Bat Takes Down Carjacker Who Killed Woman

'I saw what he did to her, I was enraged,' Lewis Matos said of his heroism

 on 3rd October 2021 @ 4.00pm
texan lewis matos saw the carjacker try to escape so chased him down © press
Texan Lewis Matos saw the carjacker try to escape so chased him down

A hero Texan with a baseball bat has chased down and apprehended a killer carjacker as he tried to escape.

Texas man Lewis Matos said he saw the thug steal a woman's car and drag her to her death before attempting to flee.

After being a victim of a similar incident himself several months ago, Matos grabbed his baseball bat and pursued the victim.

On May 26, Matos was sitting at his desk when a car crashed through his building.

The impact knocked him from his chair and pushed debris on top of him.

Two gunmen, Juan Mendez and Jaritza Chavarria, got out of the car and tried to shoot Matos while he was pinned to the ground by his desk. 

marcus wayne brock was identified by police as the killer © press
Marcus Wayne Brock was identified by police as the killer

Luckily, Matos survived the horrific attack and lived to tell the tale.

Months later, he was in the same area of Uvalde on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. when he saw a man trying to force a woman, Jessica Garza, from her car, ABC 13 reported.

"I jumped in my car, I didn’t even think," Matos said.

"All I kept thinking was ‘he’s not getting away.’"

Marcus Wayne Brock, identified by police, drove off with the vehicle while dragging Garza along the ground for four or five blocks as her seatbelt trapped her against the car.

Matos followed for a time but was not able to stop the incident before Garza died. 

"I was mortified," Matos said.

"When I picked up that piece of signage that was on top of her car, and I saw what he did to her, I was enraged." 

jessica garza was dragged to her death by the carjacker © press
Jessica Garza was dragged to her death by the carjacker

Brock eventually crashed into a carwash before fleeing on foot. 

Matos continued to pursue Brock until he found him in Ralston Liquors and kept him there until police arrived.

Police believe that Brock, 55, had robbed an auto parts store before stealing Garza's car in an attempt to make a quick getaway, KHOU reported. 

Court records indicate Brock is responsible for crimes dating back to 1985, with charges ranging from drug possession to burglary.

Matos explained that he was fed up with "watching everybody always getting away."

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