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Florida Sheriff: If Cop-Killer Enters Your Home, 'Blow the Rabid Animal Out the Door'

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper urges public to shoot cop-shooter Patrick Rene McDowell

 on 28th September 2021 @ 1.00am
nassau county sheriff bill leeper told residents to shoot the cop killer if he breaks in © press
Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper told residents to shoot the cop-killer if he breaks in

A Florida sheriff has urged residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights and "blow" a wanted cop-shooter "out the door" if he tries to break into their home.

Mincing no words, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper urged citizens to shoot the man suspected of fatally wounding one of his sheriff’s deputies if he enters their property.

Sheriff Leeper referred to suspect Patrick Rene McDowell as a "rabid animal."

A huge manhunt is underway for McDowell after he allegedly shot 29-year-old Deputy Josh Moyers, who is not expected to survive.

According to the Northeast Florida Fusion Center, an arm of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement agency that supports sheriffs’ offices, McDowell had military training in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2005 to 2009.

35-year-old McDowell shot Deputy Moyers in the face last Friday during a 2:30 a.m. Friday traffic stop.

patrick rene mcdowell  left  is wanted for fatally shooting deputy josh moyers  right © press
Patrick Rene McDowell (left) is wanted for fatally shooting Deputy Josh Moyers (right)

Leeper said Moyers’ body camera captured the incident, in which Moyers approached a Chrysler minivan occupied by McDowell and his female passenger.

McDowell reportedly did not have a driver’s license and gave Moyers a false name.

After Moyers returned to his car and did a records check, he came back to McDowell and asked him whether he had any weapons and asked him to exit the minivan.

Leeper said the video showed McDowell shooting Moyers in the face, then continuing by shooting him in the back after Moyers had collapsed to the ground before McDowell fled in the van to a woods nearby.

Deputies found the minivan abandoned with the woman still inside. Leeper stated she is cooperating.

“McDowell, 35, had been sentenced on May 24 to a year and six months on probation on a forgery charge and was under drug-offender probation. The probation was imposed after a Nov. 5, 2018 arrest, Florida Department of Corrections records showed,” The Florida Times-Union reported.

“He also has prior arrests on charges of giving a false name to law enforcement and aggravated possession of stolen firearms according to information in an alert from the Northeast Florida Fusion Center.”

a huge manhunt is currently underway for suspect patrick rene mcdowell © press
A huge manhunt is currently underway for suspect Patrick Rene McDowell

During a Saturday afternoon news briefing, Leeper stated: “Unfortunately, Deputy Moyers is not going to survive.

"Where the bullets lodged, what it did, there’s just nothing they can do, unfortunately. …

"We now have a murderer on the loose in our community.

"This guy is dangerous.

"If you’re in a home and he breaks into your home and you have a gun, blow him out the door cause he’s like a rabid animal.

"He will kill you with his mindset," the sheriff warned.

"What he did to that deputy, was uncalled for, unnecessary and he needs to pay for it.”

“If we find out anybody has helped him or is going to help him, do not do that,” he added.

“If we find out you’ve helped this guy, we’re going to arrest you.

"We’re going to arrest you.

"We’re going to arrest you for preventing us from capturing him.“

“Up to $50,000 in rewards are being offered by donors including the Fraternal Order of Police, Florida Sheriff’s Association, the Florida Deputy Association and Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest of McDowell,” The Florida Time-Union noted.

A massive manhunt has been commenced.

“We’re going to find him eventually,” Leeper concluded.

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