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Whoopi Goldberg Learns Who AOC Actually Wants to Tax: 'This Is Outrageous!'

'The View' co-host outraged to discover what taxing the '1 percent' really means

 on 21st September 2021 @ 1.00pm
whoopi goldberg said aoc s tax plans are  outragous © press
Whoopi Goldberg said AOC's tax plans are 'outragous'

Leftist TV star Whoopi Goldberg was staggered when she discovered who it is that socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) actually wants to tax, remarking, "this is outrageous!"

Goldberg, co-host of "The View," was outraged to discover what AOC's demands for taxing the "1 percent" really mean during the show Tuesday.

While commenting on the "tax the rich" dress worn by "anti-capitalist" Democrat AOC for the elitist Met Gala recently, Goldberg said she was "freaked out" to learn who is actually considered to be in the "1 percent."

Goldberg made the comments while the other co-hosts were praising AOC for her "courageous" act of wearing a dress with a socialist message for the exclusive September 13 event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

"You know what freaked me out about this? I've been trying to figure out — because they say the 1% — you know how much the top 1% is considered?" Goldberg said.

"People who make about $421,000 a year make you part of the 1%!"

anti capitalist aoc sells high priced merchandise with her  tax the rich  slogan © press
Anti-capitalist AOC sells high-priced merchandise with her 'tax the rich' slogan

"Really?" responded one of the other hosts, as the penny started to drop.

"For me this is outrageous," Goldberg added.

She then appeared to celebrate American capitalism, saying:

"You know because, listen, in America, you're supposed to be able to come and turn yourself into everything, you know?

"Able to come and turn yourself into everything, you know?"

Co-host Joy Behar interrupted trying to save the anti-wealth agenda.

"I think that what gets people ticked off is the fact that [Amazon founder Jeff] Bezos and that level do not pay taxes," she explained.

"That is the outrage."

are people on the left starting to see through aoc s  socialist utopia  © press
Are people on the Left starting to see through AOC's 'socialist utopia'?

After Sunny Hostin awkwardly changed the subject to commentary about different celebrity dresses at the Met, Goldberg forced the discussion back to taxation of the 1 percent.

"OK! So now that we've done that," Goldberg continued.

"Just know if you're earning over $523,000, this could be a problem.

"And they don't know how much you do for your family.

"They don't know if you're raising your grandkids, or I'm just saying, I know we got a second.

"I know it's tight but this is real," she said.

"The problem for me with all this is people don't know what you're putting in if you're making $500,000.

"If you're raising grandkids or taking care of parents and all kind of stuff, then you want to take more money," she added.

"Then you're mad that I'm mad!" she concluded.


While some of the co-hosts praised Ocasio-Cortez, others ridiculed her for the tone-deaf and seemingly hypocritical act of attending such an exclusive event for the rich and famous while ostensively criticizing the wealthy.

She has previously criticized tax cuts that benefitted the "1 percent" of top earners in America.

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