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Parents Rise Up, Force Out School Official Who Promoted Critical Race Theory

Superintendent abruptly resigns following pressure from angry parents

 on 19th September 2021 @ 6.00pm
parents were outraged that a school officials was pushing for crt to be taught to their kids © press
Parents were outraged that a school officials was pushing for CRT to be taught to their kids

Parents have risen up and forced a school official's resignation after he demanded that their children be taught devise Marxism-based Critical Race Theory, according to reports.

The school superintendent abruptly quit on Wednesday following pressure from angry parents over many of his proposals for the school.

Dr. Martin Cox, superintendent at Clarkstown Central School resigned, citing “personal reasons,” News 12 in the Bronx reported.

The outlet notes that the school board “very quickly voted 5 to 1 Tuesday night in support of his resignation without ever explaining to the community why he is leaving.”

Cox was allowed to resign instead of being fired, but the report repeatedly said it was unclear why he resigned.

News 12 then proceeded to list numerous reasons why parents were unhappy with Cox’s leadership.

parents want divisive radical left theories kept out of their kids  schools © press
Parents want divisive radical-left theories kept out of their kids' schools

From News 12:

He was seen as anti-justice and anti-police for his delayed response to a controversial presentation done by a student about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Parents were also critical of his decision to enforce a mask mandate for students and staff this year before the CDC and state Health Department did.

Parents got so outraged at a meeting that they had to end it after just 15 minutes, with parents yelling and refusing to wear masks.

Some parents applauded Tuesday night when they heard the announcement of his departure, although some did appreciate his work for their kids.

Some parents tell News 12 many disagreed with Cox’s COVID-19 and mask mandates and that there was concern over talk of bringing critical race theory into the school’s curriculum as well as diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, policies. “I don’t think Marty Cox really was connected to the soul of the community and in being disconnected that turned a lot of people off to him and his policies,” says Joe Solari, parent.

Journalist Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and writer at The City-Journal, wrote on Twitter that his sources told him that “parents banded together, filed FOIA requests, and pressured the board to oust him.”

In a statement, Cox said he was thankful for his time as superintendent.

“I wish our students the very best with all their educational endeavors, both now and in the future,” he said, according to News 12.

"In addition, I am thankful for our teachers, staff, and administrators, whose daily efforts make a positive impact for students."

critical race theory has been met with severe backlash from concerned parents © press
Critical Race Theory has been met with severe backlash from concerned parents

The school board released its own statement thanking Cox and revealing that assistant superintendent for personnel Jeff Sobel would take over as the interim superintendent until a replacement could be found.

“Mr. Sobel has agreed to fill this leadership position until an Interim Superintendent or a new Superintendent is appointed,” the board wrote.

“We remain confident that a new Superintendent for our district will be in place for the start of the 2022-23 academic year.”

The board added that the transition to a new superintendent wouldn’t stop the district from enacting policies to protect students and faculty from COVID-19 and various other issues facing students.

The Daily Voice reported that Cox had been superintendent since 2016.

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